Level, the beauty of large surfaces: interview with the designer

Excellent performance, versatility and sophisticated design: these are the guidelines that the Research and Development team has followed for the new Level Marmi products. In this interview, Giancarlo Macchioni, Emilgroup’s R&D and Marketing Director, explains the most innovative features of the new large slabs.


There have been important introductions to the line devoted to large slabs, both in terms of the colour range and the expansion of the 6.5 mm thickness products.


Level has been expanded with new variants that boast great expressive power. The collection has been updated to include 4 new marbles, offering even more design freedom: Calacatta BlackArabescato CorchiaMacchia Vecchia and White Paradise, in the 162x324 (12 mm thickness) size, also available in a bookmatch version. The marble range currently comprises 19 types, available in two sizes (160x320 – 6.5 mm thickness and 162x324 – 12 mm thickness).

The new additions for 2020 include marbles with 6.5 mm thickness, both for products already in the range and for the Level Stone line.
We wanted to extend the range of design options in order to adopt the Level line as a complete covering solution.


What were the distinctive features of the new marbles added to the range?


Our Research & Development team decided to develop the line by focusing on types of marble with colours and veins which are not yet present in the range and which would complete the Level line. In the marble selection process, great attention has been paid to the originality and beauty of the surfaces.

The Level series was still lacking the distinctive character typical of black marble.
Consequently, Calacatta Black was introduced, a marble that can bring elegance to a universe of colours that encapsulates every shade in deep black, interspersed with white and grey vein patterns.

In order to increasingly respond better to every design need we have expanded the choice of marble from Carrara, adding the Macchia Vecchia and Arabescato Corchia variants. The Macchia Vecchia marble has a unique, distinctive personality, featuring strong vein patterns on an ivory white background and infinite, multifaceted shades. Arabescato Corchia is a marble characterized by “ovular” or “arabesque” patterning, which gives it a special decorative quality.

Finally, we added a very natural marble, White Paradise: an exclusive, highly prized marble with a transparent, crystal-effect background and delicate light grey vein patterns.

Level offers versatile ceramic solutions: large sizes suitable not only for floors and walls, but also for furnishings.


The Level large slab line combines the versatile functionality of Emilgroup stoneware with maximum freedom of expression.

We offer a full array of solutions featuring 5 inspirations – marbleconcretedesignstone and solid colour – in 160x320 (6.5 mm thickness) and 162x324 (12 mm thickness) sizes. With Level we provide designers with total aesthetic continuity, ranging from coverings to furnishings such as countertops, backsplashes, worktops, tables and doors to create environments in which every detail is customized.

This multitude of solutions is combined with the practicality of Emilgroup’s high-quality stoneware, an extraordinarily durable material that withstands heat, chemicals and everyday wear and tear.


The concepts of sustainability and safety are fundamental aspects of modern design. How does the Level line respond to new architectural needs?


Many products in the Level line have Greenguard Gold certification, which entails a process that provides an analysis of manufacturers’ chemical emissions. To obtain Greenguard Gold certification, products must meet strict requirements in terms of volatile organic compound emissions. Greenguard Gold certified Level products help to create healthier environments, release less pollution into indoor spaces and are used in locations such as schools and hospitals.

In terms of safety and hygiene, the Level range guarantees protection, performance and food hygiene requirements certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Food Equipment programme, which analyses materials that come into contact with food. This is essential in order to provide maximum safety when using products such as countertops and worktops in kitchens. Emilgroup is constantly committed to providing high-quality, performance-oriented solutions that comply with the strictest health standards for people and environments.

01 September 2020


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