A guide to choosing marble countertops and backsplashes

It is an essential choice which sooner or later has to be made when designing a kitchen. The countertop and backsplash are two key elements of the kitchen, even though they are often the last to be installed; they are surfaces of primary importance both in terms of function and esthetics. The perfect tiles for countertops and backsplashes are able to combine the esthetic requirements of the kitchen and the owner’s design preferences with the need for a safe surface which is resistant to heat, chemicals, and water, and can easily be fully sanitized.

The kitchen tiles which make the most important contribution to establishing the atmosphere and temperature of the room are precisely those of the countertops and backsplash. These are the horizontal and vertical surfaces which establish the esthetic coordinates of such a dynamic space as the kitchen: the place for creating and experimenting, the focal point of the house, where family time and the most authentic flavors come together.

Marble tiles for the kitchen

As regards kitchen wall tiles, of the innumerable possibilities offered by Emilgroup’s porcelain stoneware solutions, marble tiles offer perhaps the best guarantee of elegance and personality. Increasingly popular among designers, marble is winning space in more and more kitchens, cladding them with refinement and character. The more prestigious and classical dimension of marble – the ceramic material par excellence – thus combines with the lively day-to-day living experience provided by the kitchen worktops. Marble countertops in particular are an extremely popular, cross-cutting choice, able to set up dialogue with the widest range of colors and styles.

When talking about marble countertops, we ought to consider the fact that the material can come into direct contact with foods. For this reason, it is essential to choose NSF certified large slabs. This certification is the guarantee of quality and safety awarded by the NSF – National Sanitation Foundation, world leader in product food safety certification. NSF certification is a key requirement in ensuring your countertops are always safe and hygienic, without compromising on the esthetic aspect.

Level’s tiles are the best solution from this point of view. Level Marmi offers a wide range of solutions (NSF certified) which explore all the three-dimensional possibilities of marble and express its maximum potential in large formats – perfect for kitchen countertops – for a tile which rises to the level of a masterpiece. There are fully 24 color variants available – texture, cut, color, veining – from the hypnotism of Agata Blu to the depth of Onyx Black, from the theatrical nature of the darker tones to the brightness of the white marble effect tiles. A wide range of possibilities and combinations designed to satisfy all tastes, from the more traditional to the most exotic.

Kitchen backsplashes: why choose marble

The kitchen backsplash, as well as protecting against splashes, naturally, is also the element which visually joins the kitchen countertops and appliances to the cabinetry. When choosing these particular (and strategic) tiles, it is advisable to take into consideration the combination with the other elements of the kitchen – an environment which lends itself to more experimentation than other rooms in the house, a touch of eclecticism, a break from the principle of continuity which guides the esthetic choices of walls and floors. Marble is often the winning solution for connecting the backsplash with the kitchen cabinetry, without ever being banal or lacking in harmony. The kitchen is the ideal place to bring the timeless appeal of marble together with the tastes and perceptions of more contemporary design. Tele di Marmo Onyx by Emilceramica is an ideal starting point to realize this new way of thinking of marble. The collection takes an original look at one of the most appealing materials – the fruit of scrupulous study of the patterns and veining in some of the most popular marbles in the world, with iconic and vibrant colors. The tribute to the ancient perceptions of onyx gives new life to a tile which is almost a work of art: the richness of the vibrantly bright facets and the chiaroscuro effects come to life in five refined color variants. The possibilities of marble expand to reach new surfaces which combine its timeless appeal with the most refined contemporary design taste.

Backsplashes for dark cabinets

Dark kitchen cabinets are increasingly popular to create a refined, elegant and modern atmosphere. This perception ties in perfectly with the use of marble in the kitchen. A choice which never disappoints when selecting the backsplash for dark cabinets is using light-colored marble. White is the most classical and elegant choice of marble, the best-known and most iconic, sumptuous coloration, ideal for creating refined contrasts with the dark cabinetry and really making it stand out. White marble is excellent if you wish to make the surface visually larger and more airy.
A tone-on-tone color selection for the marble backsplash is a choice which expresses robustness and character, for a full, whole-wall color effect. If continuity of color is your choice, attention to the best, most accurate color and to the textures is often a decisive factor in achieving a genuinely harmonious and elegant visual result.

Backsplashes for light-colored kitchen cabinets

In this case too, the two best strategies for effectively combining the backsplash and the kitchen cabinetry are contrast and continuity of color.

A highly versatile option in the color palette is beige. It is a color which is easy to combine with light-colored cabinetry and other elements, and which works with any style of decor; it can be the ideal choice to bring all the appeal of marble into the kitchen in a warm, familiar atmosphere. If, on the other hand, you want to opt for a high-impact solution, the audacious look of black marble will lend sophistication and character to the kitchen. The backsplash then becomes the negative color which makes the light-colored cabinetry stand out or – thanks to the innumerable color choices permitted by marble-effect porcelain stoneware tiles – the chromatic focal point of the kitchen walls. For example, the effect provided by a blue backsplash combined with light-colored cabinetry – the backsplash is a design element which does not place any limits on experimentation.

Marble countertops for your kitchen

To give your kitchen countertops the class, elegance and personality you desire, marble countertops are a solution which will never cease to amaze. Marble is a material which directly evokes large surfaces, something to lean on, solidity. A dark marble countertop, in particular, lends itself to installation on cabinetry of widest range of styles and materials, from modern laminate to rustic barnwood. The vein patterns also offer innumerable original possible combinations. Marble-effect porcelain stoneware is ideal not just due to its peerless esthetics, but also for the physical characteristics of the material, which make it perfect for kitchen prep when it will be in direct contact with foods. Marble countertops are made from a material which is hygienic and reliable, resistant to impacts, heat, and chemicals, and which is extremely long-lasting.

Kitchen island countertops

The key element in many modern kitchen designs, kitchen islands are an ever-more popular choice. A natural extension of the kitchen counter area is to add an island to extend the available space, provide a place for guests and those waiting for their food, bridge to different areas in the open-plan space, and bring the whole family together.
Creating a functional kitchen island is a refined solution which matches perfectly with the class and opulence of marble. If you are looking for the ideal kitchen island countertop to enhance and perfect your kitchen design, a marble countertop is the natural extension of a kitchen in which a taste for elegance is an inexhaustible value.

22 July 2022


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