Matte finish tiles: how to combine them in various environments

Elegant, textured and contemporary: matte finishes are the style suggestion of the moment, the perfect fusion of refined materials and soft, sensuous lines. In the world of interior design and ceramics, matte surfaces are the lowest level of sheen or gloss, and offer a modern flavor. An area covered with matte tiles provides a relaxing sensation, a peaceful and delicate experience for different types of rooms.
The desaturated, dusty tones, and the soft, reflective sensations of matte tiles come together well in a knowing contrast with honed tiles, which are able to enhance the light, transforming its effect in relation to the environment. Matte finishes make contrasting glossy elements stand out and mitigate stronger colors, allowing the designer to express vibrancy. A matte concrete floor, for example – whether smooth or brushed – lends itself to many combinations, in terms of both colors and textures, elevating itself to an on-trend choice for domestic environments and beyond.

It is important to remember that glossy finishes bring out the light, while matte finishes attenuate it: they are destined for different, yet complementary, uses. In general, glossy tiles are ideal for living spaces, while matte tiles are a wining choice in bathrooms and kitchens. Below we will analyze the different tile finishes, their typical uses, and some example applications in different rooms of the house.

Matte vs gloss finish tiles: making the right choice

The matte vs gloss finish tiles debate is a lively one in the field of interior design We can start off by saying that when a tile comes out of the kiln it is matte: a surface which is uniform and resistant to impacts, abrasions and scratches, ideal for walking on and easy to clean. A matte ceramic coating allows you to lend greater dynamism to environments, creating different interplays with light and texture. This is undoubtedly the toughest tile of all in terms of the different finishes, and the most versatile in terms of the different possible uses, but certainly not the only possibility. A waxed finish, for example, is soft and satiny, the perfect solution for refined environments. Nevertheless, there are generally limitations on use in outdoor environments or those with wet floors. Semi-polished, or honed, finishes provide the surface with a velvety and elegant appearance; this type of tile, obtained by processing the surface with brushes, lends itself well to low-traffic commercial projects and residential projects. The lux (glossy) finish is considered the most refined and brilliant: glassy smooth and very glossy in appearance, it conveys a sense of luxury and cleanliness. It is ideal for use on interior walls. Given these general guidelines, we should always remember that the latest generation of porcelain stoneware allows the effects of the most popular materials and finishes to be brought to any environment.

Matte finish tiles for living rooms

Matte finish tiles for living rooms are the ideal choice for those who wish to remain faithful to tradition while combining it with a more contemporary flavor. In the living room, we can give free reign to our creativity as regards style and color. Textures, finishes and furnishings which reflect our personality meet a wide range of matte floor and wall tiles, surfaces which are inspired by concrete, wood or stone.

The Unique Travertine by Provenza collection is manufactured on the basis of a thorough analysis of the different ways in which travertine is processed, offered in four different finishes. The most natural is Vein Cut, which reproduces the longitudinal vein patterns of the cut in the direction of the veining; Minimal is inspired by the typical processing of the underside of the stone; Ruled is full of grooves and ruts; while the Ancient finish offers a retro feel. Different sizes and colors allow these travertine effect tiles to enhance the installation environment by combining the highest levels of aesthetic finish and technical performance.

Matte finish tiles for bedrooms

Wood, stone and concrete effect tiles: in the wide range of matte finish tiles for bedrooms we can choose from, each finish gives us the possibility to best express the mood for the most intimate room in the whole house. Porcelain stoneware reveals its chameleon-like abilities and adapts to any design project, rendering rooms both relaxing and full of personality at the same time. Matte tiles are relaxing and soothing, perfectly providing the typical atmosphere for night-time areas.

From the essential and timeless beauty of stone to the eternally contemporary character of wood, porcelain stoneware in all its different variations is able to combine the need for a tough, easy-to-clean product with the highest level of aesthetic finish.

Matte finish tiles for bathrooms

The bathroom has taken on an ever-more important role in the design of a house, needing to consistently take on and reflect the taste and style of the rest of the house. Practicality and durability are followed by aesthetic criteria to create a space dedicated to day-to-day wellbeing. Matte finish tiles for bathrooms are a winning choice in terms of their non-slip performance; available in a huge range of colors, sizes and decorations, they also allow for extensive personalization.

Inspired by clay and the return to raw materials, the Sixty by Emilceramica collection, thanks to SilkTech technology, guarantees superior anti-slip performance and is available in two versions: Fondo, for soft, silky surfaces; and Timbro, with its characteristic three-dimensional effect. The primordial appeal of bare earth creates elegant environments characterized by excellent resistance to foot traffic and a very low level of absorption. The highest levels of beauty and performance.

Matte finish tiles for kitchens

Kitchens need specific measures due to their exposure to moisture and the presence of water and heat sources, with a specific focus on cleanliness and hygiene. Matte finish tiles for kitchens offer very high levels of technical performance, while at the same time reflecting the most contemporary taste in interior design. The Landscape by Emilceramica collection, sleek and elegant, features tone-on-tone shades and veining in a color palette inspired by limestone colorations (Avorio, Sabbia, Cenere, Antracite). These limestone effect porcelain stoneware tiles combine extraordinary technical performance with a pleasant appearance and touch.

Matte porcelain countertops: the modern solution for your kitchen

Porcelain stoneware tiles are the ideal solution not just for kitchen walls and floors, but also for surfaces such as backsplashes and countertops. Matte porcelain countertops, made with the largest size slabs, are a real statement piece in the room which is the heart of the house, offering easy cleaning (thanks to the absence of grout lines) and incredible resistance to scratches and chipping. In order to create evocative, contemporary environments, it is possible to experiment with combining different matte finishes for kitchen countertops and floors with the highest level of performance and appealing design.

25 January 2023


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