Metal-effect porcelain stoneware for a rustic industrial style

To transform your house into a workshop of style and creativity, brown metal-effect tiles are a powerful ally. Industrial style is rooted in 1950s and 1960s industry, and is currently one of the most popular stylistic choices by far. A journey back through the decades via which the rustic outfitting of an industrial shed becomes the sought-after finish of a loft apartment. A transformation, a change of use of colors, materials and surfaces, from the industrial to the residential.
Metal-effect tiles are a highly contemporary choice for chic, sophisticated and dynamic living spaces. An original atmosphere, created through the chameleonic properties of porcelain stoneware, which is able to bring the manufacturing process, the production environment, to domestic surfaces. The boldness of sheet metal, iridescent chrome plating, rusting metal – industrial style coverings make our living spaces resonate with the raw nature of the materials, cold tones which bring the most modern urban interior design together with rustic artisanal sensations, for a timeless appeal. A choice with great personality which is as far removed from the conventional as you can imagine: copper-effect tiles are a genuine declaration of initiative, for a completely unique style.

Brown metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles for commercial flooring

The design potential of brown metal-effect tiles does not end with domestic environments. As well as the industrial, they are also completely at home in the service sector, emphasizing their natural aptitude for design. Metal surfaces – copper-effect tiles are particularly high impact, with their unmistakable rusty brown color – perfect for providing a concept store or showroom with a cutting-edge, refined atmosphere of undoubted artistic taste, for a display space which meets every aesthetic expectation.
Metal-effect tiles are particularly well suited to commercial environments, for shops, restaurants and any activity which draws strength from walls and floors with great scenic capacity. With these metal-effect tiles, the power of beauty melds with undisputed technical benefits: very high performance in terms of resistance to wear, foot traffic and heavy loads, exceptional ease of maintenance and cleaning. Choosing metal-effect porcelain stoneware means having all the essential characteristics for commercial environments, with a floor which is functional and ready to make an effect on visitors.

Industrial style floors

The key feature of an effective industrial style environment is its flooring. Of the materials most commonly used in industrial style interior design (others include visible brickwork and concrete), metal is the material which most unequivocally characterizes the stylistic inspiration. Choosing metal-effect porcelain stoneware floors is a bold choice which provides a completely original feel. The production technology of porcelain stoneware has reached levels of excellence which allow complete fidelity to the original metal covering, a tile which becomes sheet metal to the eyes. The rustic power of chrome plating and oxidation, the marks of fire and time, the honed coldness of the finishes – a metal-effect tile brings this image to the mind and the eyes with a single glance.
Industrial style floors bring post-industrial and urban appeal to all residential environments, starting with large living areas and continuing through to more unexpected zones thanks to metal-effect bathroom tiles, for example. A lean, textured style, with an architectural vocation which leaves room for experimentation and influences.
Metallica by Viva is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and eclecticism. This collection exhibits the iridescent soul of metal alloys, the changing and shimmering nature of the sheet metal, in order to bring metal effect tiles into modern, cutting-edge spaces which do not fear material contrasts. Visible marks, reflections and interplays of light give rise to a wide-ranging, multi-faceted catalog composed of four main color variations ranging from white to black, enriched by the typical colors of the MetalBrick format (White, Grey, Blue, Green and Black) – iridescent surfaces which represent high-impact amalgamations.


Copper-effect tiles: timeless appeal

Of all the metals considered to embody the most refined industrial style, copper is one of the protagonists of the latest interior design trends. The color temperature of this brown metal, the roughness of its texture, the appeal of the oxidation process – these are the appearances which make copper-effect tiles the protagonist of the most refined aesthetic taste. It is a modern and unique choice – raw and urban. Copper wall and floor coverings lend an industrial and conceptual look to all environments. Try Metal Style by Ergon, and you will be a believer. This is the iconic collection dedicated to oxidized metal, which draws on the look and feel of sheet metal and factories. Copper-effect tiles are a solution which never ceases to amaze, which makes metal a philosophy, a way of inhabiting a space. The Corten color replicates the natural oxidation of this type of steel with extreme authenticity, one of the most successful aesthetic recreations. It is not by chance that Emilgroup has chosen to clad the exterior walls of its headquarters with Metal Style slabs.

Where to buy metal-effect tiles?

If the industrial look has won you over and you are ready to let yourself be amazed by its strong character and material dynamism, the time has come to purchase the metal-effect tiles which best suit your needs and your space, your idea of urban style. The strength of this covering style is the celebration of the material, which is used, experienced, revisited, from the industrial environment to the domestic one. A choice alive with fusions and unexpected elements – from the factory to the home. If you are looking for a solution which draws inspiration from solid and recognizable imagery, which conveys character and personality, which satisfies the most contemporary design tastes, then buying metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles will help bring your design to life. If the catalog for the Metallica and Metal Style collections has piqued your interest, you can find the nearest reseller on our website so you can firm up your style ideas.

03 August 2022


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