Go dramatic with metallic kitchen tiles that emphasize your style

There’s a secret for making your space genuinely dramatic, absolutely different, imbued with a distinctive, unique character: the metallic effect of porcelain stoneware tiles.

So, in case you haven’t yet gotten the message, the time has come to revolutionize the classic look of the most convivial room in the entire house with metallic kitchen tiles.

This effect is capable of generating captivating highlights that dance across the metallic surfaces, imparting a sort of “dramatic” mood that imbues the space with an audacious elegance.

Eliminate that predictable neutral effect, pushing the envelope with metallic kitchen tiles. Surrender to the allure of an ambience that makes all the difference, boasting a cutting-edge style that highlights all the surfaces, rendering them unique and magical.


A contemporary touch in your kitchen

By now kitchens have become standardized with only a few brave souls daring to promote designs capable of transforming them into spaces with a distinctive character. Where do you stand on this issue?

If you opt to push your boundaries when designing your space, go with the exciting new metallic kitchen tiles. They represent a solution capable of giving a modern, contemporary look to the most used part of your living space.

Design with avant-garde flair by using Metallica by Viva, the collection featuring the audacious use of metal for designing stunning wall tiles of unequaled beauty, without sacrificing any of the significant technical benefits provided by porcelain stoneware.

Metallica features large slabs and bricks characterized by the iridescence of the mill scale which shapes the light, reinterpreting the chromatic changeability of the sheet metal.

The metallic effect is available in four hues that lend themselves very well to defining modern spaces and ultramodern constructions. The metal sheds that telltale coldness usually associated with an industrial element, joining in with the eclectic spirit of a dynamic, vital living space, interpreting it by means of iridescent halos, opalescent highlights and sophisticated chromatics, from black to slate, all the way to steel and white tones.


The unexpected choice for backsplashes

We complete the project with a metallic tile kitchen backsplash, perfect if made with MetalBrick, the 6x24 size by Metallica by Viva, inspired by the Raku technique, capable of showcasing the metallic properties of the collection, amplifying their iridescent highlights. The Brick collection is available in five different colorways: White, Grey, Blue, Green and Black.

A backsplash created with metallic highlights can totally change the look of a kitchen. It imparts dramatic flair to all the surrounding kitchen components. Combine it with the dark furnishings, which go so well with the opalescent highlights of the metallic surfaces, or create a sharp contrast, opting for the shiny white wall cabinets with glass doors.

Embrace solutions that always do justice to the metallic kitchen tiles, while underscoring their uniqueness, character and unprecedented aesthetic panache.

With a backsplash made with MetalBrick, all that’s left to do is select the cooktop and stone sink, with details in brass. A truly audacious option, in keeping with the spirit of your kitchen, characterized by metal.

Timeworn metal for a bolder result

With the passing of time everything takes on a special allure and this is also true for living spaces. When the copper metal kitchen tiles capture the antique effect of the material the entire space exudes an extremely lived-in and homey feeling that is simultaneously modern and alluring.

Metal, despite its austere industrial background, manages to project an absolutely bold and luxurious flair, especially if used as a wall covering and add design splendor to rooms like the kitchen.

Indeed, the metallic kitchen tiles, in the Steel color of the Metallica by Viva collection, boast such a finely textured surface that they are capable of reproducing the effects of time, imbuing the entire space with a patina of maturity and style, evoking a chic authenticity.


Iridescent streaks add sophistication

What gives sophistication to our kitchen featuring metallic effects?

As we saw previously, speaking of the Metallica by Viva collection, metal boasts a truly unique property, iridescence; when it is illuminated, whether by natural or artificial light, it displays a whole array of different colors, depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

This is why metal accent tiles for kitchen backsplashes imbue the entire kitchen cooking and eating area with an amazing originality. The space is transformed and reshaped depending on how the light reflects off the material. It makes a different impression depending on whether experienced during the day or at night; it has the capacity to thoroughly enchant and captivate whoever experiences it, conveying the unique stylistic sophistication created by this metallic effect.

In order to further enhance the iridescence of this material it’s a good idea to install a lighting system that has been carefully designed down to the last detail. For example, combining ceiling light fixtures with wall light sources, can be an excellent way to make the most of the highlights that dance across the metallic kitchen wall tiles. Another tip involves selecting these tiles for decorating rooms that get an abundance of natural light. A large glass door or several windows on the same wall serve to maximize the delightful iridescent effects of these surfaces.


Cool effects for kitchen floors

By way of concluding our tour of metallic kitchen tiles, we would like to focus on another effect of this versatile material: opalescence, which brings out the semi-transparent quality of metal.  

Designing with metallic kitchen wall tiles means knowing how to be daring, imbuing every space with a unique flair, distinguished by unrepeatable effects generated by reflections and highlights, depending on the time of day and the various colors of your metallic tiles.

Now that you know all the secrets of the cool effects only a material like metal can generate, all you have to do is imagine how you’d like to design your kitchen, beginning with the floors, continuing with the wall tiles and concluding with perfect lighting in order for the metal to make the most eloquent style statement possible!


02 April 2021


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