Natural tiles: the versatility of terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware

Terracotta is the oldest and most fundamental expression of the ceramic art, with its unmistakable red color and that sensation which conveys intimacy and craftsmanship at first glance. If you are looking for natural tiles, terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware is a winning choice.
To reach the core of the naturalness of terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware tiles, we need to go back to the origins, to the etymology of “ceramics”: the word comes from the Greek kéramos, or clay. While clay is the raw material which gave rise to the ceramic arts, terracotta was its first processed form. The preparation of the body mix, the modeling, the drying, the firing. It was with terracotta that clay was first molded into art.
The very first ceramic products in history were terracotta items, and date back to prehistory. The use of terracotta then expanded from utensils to architecture, and then on to the sculptural and decorative arts.
Terracotta is one of the most popular and versatile materials, and has been for millennia. It is the source of continuous inspiration for natural porcelain stoneware tiles.
Thanks to Emilgroup’s solutions – the fruit of in-depth research into the traditions of the past and continuous development work towards the future of design – terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware tiles represent faithful recreations of all the evocative power of a foundational material of the world of ceramics, representative of the artisanal care which Emilgroup celebrates in each textural surface. And so terracotta, with its typical red color, finds its place in any and all living environments: from living areas to bedrooms, from outdoor flooring to bathroom and kitchen floors. It offers warm, essential perceptions which embrace any environment and make it feel like home.

The natural look of natural tiles

Terracotta tiles are the most radiant expression of natural porcelain stoneware tiles, able to bring the warm, intimate soul of this material into any environment. The celebration of the artisanal gesture of ceramic workmanship, the references to the most authentic Italian tradition, and at the same time a strong vocation for contemporary design are the three ingredients which make terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware tiles a truly unique proposal.
Terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are the ideal choice for creating welcoming and intimate spaces with a natural look. It is a high-impact, refined solution which draws on the oldest ceramic arts without ignoring more contemporary tastes – one of the most successful meetings of tradition and modernity. This is how Italian terracotta tiles provide all the charm of the ancient manufacturing techniques – the mixture, the molding, the firing – to new, modern and welcoming residential designs. Modernity drawing strength from tradition and a return to origins is the foundational theme of Sixty by Emilceramica. This collection celebrates the first 60 years of the group, and launches clay into new profiles of design, molding it into modern terracotta tiles. It is a sophisticated collection which takes the perceptions of this primordial material seen under a new light which emphasizes the history, essential nature, manufacturing artistry, and attention to detail which have set Emilgroup apart ever since it was founded. Sixty embraces the heritage of clay and channels it towards new design possibilities. These natural-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are available in the Fondo finish, full and linear, soft and silky to the touch thanks to the Silktech which makes the tiles non-slip, and in the Timbro version which adds original details and 3D effects to the ceramic surfaces.

All the uses of terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware tiles

Terracotta was the first example of ceramic products, the first element which gave life to a very long tradition of materials and finishes. It is precisely due to this foundational characteristic within the ceramic industry that terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware tiles can meet the requirements of any environment in an effective and versatile manner. From living areas to bathrooms, from bedrooms to outdoor paving, contemporary esthetic taste has molded terracotta to the widest range of decorative styles and requirements, in any space which is lived. For example, a kitchen full of vibrant sensations with authentic and genuine tastes, the warmth of the living room hearth, the intimacy of a bedroom and the comfortable sensation of terracotta under your feet. Modern terracotta tiles warm every environment with a family feeling able to cover the entire perimeter of the house and even reach the outdoor spaces.
The Acustico 12 by Viva range is full of solutions dedicated to outdoor terracotta tiles. The linchpin of the collection is the solid combination of technical characteristics and esthetics, for paths, balconies and terraces with a strong design aptitude and at the same time featuring the higher level of technical characteristics of natural porcelain stoneware tiles. Neat lines, large surfaces and harmony with the surrounding environment are the core values of this collection, which take concrete form in outdoor terracotta tiles in four color variants (Cotto, Grey, Sand and White). The material technical qualities guarantee exceptional impact and wear resistance, and also allow the creation of driveways, while still retaining the ease of installation. A perfect dialogue between esthetic qualities and technical performance which allows terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware tiles to adapt with ease and versatility to the requirements of any space.

Indoor terracotta tiles

Indoor terracotta tiles are a key ingredient for creating welcoming, personal and characterful spaces: you just need to find the right combination to make the most of them.
A palette of beige and light brown shades is an excellent solution to bring the environment closer to a modern and light design. Wood is also a highly successful pairing with terracotta tiles, in continuity with warmer and Mediterranean perceptions. White and pearl gray are classic choices for pairing with terracotta, ideal for visually enlarging spaces and offsetting the warmth of the terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware tiles with a cooler shade; a temperature contrast which rebalances the space and recreates a neutral environment in which to make furnishings in bolder colors stand out.
A natural flooring is the perfect base for building on the design idea which best fits your personality and the sensations you wish to provide to your living spaces, without ever giving up on the energy and tactile and emotive temperature of such a unique material as terracotta.

10 August 2022


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