The irresistible versatility of oak effect floor tiles

Warmth, depth and character will live together with you thanks to the oak effect floor tiles. This attractive wood effect permeates all the rooms, creating a cozy old-fashioned atmosphere, showcasing the versatility and strength of the porcelain stoneware.

These tiles evoke the mood of a mountain cottage, a refuge far from everyone, conveying a sense of peace and quiet, a place that can accommodate the oak effect ceramic tiles, combined with walls featuring warm tones and furnishings from yesteryear: black leather armchairs, richly patterned carpets, sideboards and canopy beds.

But, why not also imagine a downtown studio: boasting a sleek look in keeping with the latest minimal, high-tech trends, featuring large glass tables in the conference rooms and industrial chairs in the individual offices.

It is here that one can fully appreciate the versatility of the oak porcelain floor tiles: suitable for any sort of interior, from private to public spaces, from the most intimate to the most formal, always maintaining the same naturalness and the same strength.


Are wood effect tiles any good? 

This question can be answered by underscoring two intrinsic properties that make oak effect floor tiles one of the best materials on the market, not just due to their outstanding technical features, but also their esthetic appeal.


Their strength is impeccable

The oak porcelain floor tiles are much stronger than real wood thanks to the fact that they are not subject to the wear and tear caused by foot traffic, abrasion and similar daily use. Plus, oak effect floor tiles are renowned for being fireproof and waterproof.

In other words, their performance features ensure long life without alteration over the years, as opposed to classic parquet floors that require constant care in order to maintain their original allure.


The variety of sizes for these oak effect ceramic tiles is infinite! 

They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, making it possible to create unique flooring solutions different from all the others thanks to this wood effect and, above all, all the solutions perfectly replicate the irregularity and natural veining of real wood.


Enhancing the natural look 

If you wish to create a space capable of perfectly reflecting the naturalness of your spirit, select these oak floor tiles, which feature the natural look of wood, imbuing interiors with the ability to transmit unique and unrepeatable sensations, like the ever-different veining found in real wood.

What is the best way to showcase the natural look of the oak porcelain floor tiles?

First and foremost, it is important to select old-fashioned style furnishings, in keeping with the looks of yesteryear. Focus on cream-color furniture with knobs, handles and faucets in brass, richly patterned carpets in light tones, bed spreads in linen for the summer and wool for the winter. If you can find one (perhaps in your grandmother’s attic), put a glass china cabinet in the living room or kitchen, with a tea or coffee service prominently featured.  

Another excellent way to highlight the natural look of the oak floor tiles is to minimize the style of the furnishings. If you can manage to not overfill the rooms of the house or office you are designing, you’ll enable the wood effect of the flooring to more fully emerge, permeating the entire living or working space with warmth. Opt for very minimal bookcases or ones that have been built into recesses in the walls.

Choose herringbone oak for more captivating floors

Waxed Oak tile set in a herringbone pattern: the perfect solution for captivating everyone who crosses your floor, featuring the No Code by Viva collection, intended for floors and walls and perfect for sophisticated, contemporary spaces.

No Code is a bold and powerful collection, boasting exclusive sophistication, making a powerful statement, inspired by the sort of solid wood that imbues spaces with such enormous architectural character. As previously mentioned, when the oak effect ceramic tiles in this collection are set in a herringbone pattern highly unique spaces are the result, thanks to the naturalness of the wood effect and the originality of the setting method.

Remember, setting these handsome oak porcelain floor tiles in a herringbone pattern is the secret for creating interiors that are immediately exclusive and elegant.


Light or white oak to create contrast 

Does your living room furniture feature dark hues and is your couch perhaps in black leather? Perfect! You can set up a fantastic contrast between the furniture and the floor by selecting the light oak wood tiles. If you’re not sure which porcelain stoneware tile collection is right for you, we suggest Alter by Provenza, inspired by the ancient allure of oak, lending itself to mixing with different periods, styles and references. The collection evokes nature and authenticity, celebrating the various woody effects of precious oak, salvaged, processed and treated with injections of colored resin.

For a perfect contrast to liven up your living room, from among the 4 colors available, select Sbiancato, which mixes the power of wood with the luminous effect of the resin finishing, imbuing the entire living area with an amazing luminosity.

The light oak wood tiles are also an excellent choice when it comes to designing a bathroom with a very natural appeal, but also incredibly contemporary if combined with the option of fixtures in a dark hue, slate for example, which set up a clear contrast with the floor and wall tiles featuring light colors.


Stained oak makes floors less monotonous

Being different is the secret to being remembered. And this also applies to interior décor, but one must never forget that good design is always a question of harmony and proportion.

Therefore: how can our dark oak wood effect floor tiles in different colors avoid being monotonous?

The answer is very simple: dare to be bold!

Select for your oak effect floor tiles special dark colors, unusual tones: for example Millelegni by Emilceramica Scottish Oak, an incredible mix that creates a very interesting chiaroscuro effect on the textured surface of the tile. Or opt for Alter by Provenza Bruciato, the darkest hue in the collection, featuring resin intarsia work displaying unequaled naturalness and warmth.

In summary, don’t content yourself with the first obvious solution, the most classic, safe color for these wood-like surfaces; continue exploring, forging ahead, always striving for audacious originality in order to imbue your space with a unique, previously unseen allure.


08 April 2021


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