5 different styles for the perfect home bar tile

Have you ever thought about creating a home bar? It is a highly stylish addition to the house: a few years ago they were much more popular than now but in recent times this interior design choice has become extremely fashionable again. A home bar adds lots of character to the living space, grabbing the attention on all social occasions whether designed as an open space or as part of the living room, the kitchen or more generally the daytime area of the house. All of these areas are ideal for creating a functional and welcoming bar to entertain guests in style on formal or informal occasions, or for unwinding at home and enjoying a few quiet moments of relaxation. And in the absence of suitable corners, the idea of recovering the unused space of a niche could be an innovative solution. In any case, a home bar cannot be improvised: we have to plan how we want to furnish it and what types of coverings to choose to ensure it meets our expectations.


Soft colors and shiny contrasts

To create a sophisticated home bar with elements that keep it looking fashionable and dynamic, we think one interesting solution could be to push the boat out with contrasts and use high-impact decorations to give it extra vibrancy. Characteristics that are shared by the Emilgroup stoneware home bar tiles which come in a range of different colors and textures to offer you a limitless array of potential combinations and the possibility of employing eye-catching new shades different from the usual run-of-the-mill tones. And if you are worried you won’t be able to coordinate existing items of furniture, have no fear: even playing around just with the brightness of the tiles, with a wide range of pale colors and more discreet decorations, can help to reconcile more targeted style requirements. To do this, Emilgroup proposes various collections including TotaLook by Emilceramica, which takes its inspiration from the world of resins with a highly contemporary minimalist look. Every solution here is enhanced by the TotalResin option which consists of five different colors: Bianco, Sabbia, Grigio, Antracite and Blu Avio. In this way the Matt and Lux (glossy) shades – two finishes included in the range of choices, in addition to a series of decorations and shapes – are combined to create a luminous and striking home bar. And if the resin look doesn’t work for you? There are plenty of other home bar floor tile ideas in a whole array of colors which are nonetheless capable of interpreting also various natural materials in a highly realistic way.


Wood and stone: not just for cavemen

Who said that wood and stone are dated and unfashionable? Creating a home bar with porcelain stoneware tiles reminiscent of these materials will allow you to play around with lots of intriguing shades and textures: suitable for both walls and floors, wood and stone can also be used as elements for home bar top tiles. In fact, in order to take full advantage of the technical properties of porcelain stoneware, using large slabs as worktops is an idea very much worth considering for your space. If, for example, you spill a drink you are preparing on the worktop, there’s no need to worry: being completely impermeable, stoneware tiles are resistant to all types of stains. Cleaning them is also very straightforward: though they are naturally hygienic, in the event deep cleaning is necessary the chemical agents or acids potentially present in the cleaning products will not cause any damage or loss of shine. Another example: want to nibble on something while you savor a glass of wine? Hot plates and pans and ice buckets will not leave any unsightly burns or rings on your stoneware surfaces and neither will you have to worry about hot/cold stress causing cracks or cuts.

So what type of surface should I choose? You could, for example, go bold with a concrete effect: a concrete bar top is ideal if you have designed a strong and contemporary home bar with an industrial or urban style and in this case the Level Concrete by Level collection, with its large slabs in a range of four different colors, may have just what you are looking for. Are solid colors preferable? Once again, you can opt for the Level line with the Level Tinta Unita collection. Also becoming highly fashionable again is Venetian Terrazzo, which is proposed by Emilgroup in the Medley by Ergon series with a wide range of solutions that can be combined in a generous choice of colors and decorations.


Have you considered black marble? 

We are used to the purity of white marble: classical art has taught us to admire it and the city of Carrara has demonstrated its undisputed excellence. But thanks to its innovative solutions marble-effect porcelain stoneware can offer even more: not only can it be laid with greater flexibility even where various masonry works have been carried out, it also echoes the colors and lines of marble, reinterpreting it in different shades with numerous nuances. If we said you could create a home bar with black marble tiles with strong and accentuated vein patterns, would you consider this option? Used to upholster the counter of your home bar, black marble exudes luxury and sophistication, particularly if accompanied by gold or platinum colored accessories.


Patterns and optical designs

To create a home bar with optical designs you have to give free rein to your imagination, in the real sense of the word. Emilgroup does whatever it can to bring your designs to life, complementing every series with lots of possible decorations and combinations. Using tiles with high-impact patterns may be a bit of a challenge but to recreate a distinctive retro effect there is no better solution. All of the solutions we have illustrated offer plenty of scope for “fun” and understatement: one good trick is to alternate neutral shades with elements covered with highly decorated tiles, particularly if these decorations involve geometric effects. The setting will be both welcoming and pop at the same time.


Metallic effect

By using the tiles of the Metallica by Viva collection from Emilgroup you can embellish your home bar with a metallic effect. Until a few years ago the industrial style wasn’t very common in domestic spaces but in recent times more and more architects and interior designers have decided to use the metallic effect in the home. As such, home bar tiles also now come in iridescent colors notable for their sophisticated and contemporary beauty.


25 June 2021


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