Porcelain stoneware tiles for unique bathroom designs

These days, design is important not only in the most brightly lit rooms, but takes in all living areas, searching out new design solutions, fusions and experiments, even in the most intimate parts of the house. With bathroom tiles in particular, porcelain stoneware is a protagonist of the most intense design requirements, an aesthetic sense which starts out from the largest areas before delving into detail to create a totally unique design space.
This article contains some useful tips for creating a designer bathroom, such as choosing the most suitable tiles, and how to combine colors and materials, walls and floors. Porcelain stoneware bathroom tiles are an excellent starting point to give shape to your design ideas.

How to choose bathroom tiles

When talking about porcelain stoneware tiles for the bathroom, we should keep in mind the two key reasons behind this choice: aesthetic possibilities and technical performance. The manufacturing technologies used in porcelain stoneware tiles allow the creation of an extremely tough, non-slip and non-absorbent surface, which is as easy to clean as it is hygienic – all essential characteristics for bathroom walls and floors. From an aesthetic point of view, the material’s ability to recreate the widest range of atmospheres, styles and materials is its great strength.
In order to choose the bathroom tiles best suited to our space and requirements, porcelain stoneware offers a very wide range of possibilities: wood-, marble-, concrete- and metal-effect tiles for walls and floors ranging from the minimalist to the industrial, from the traditional to the rustic. There is a key preliminary aspect to focus on, however: the dimensions. One of the first things to do when choosing bathroom tiles is to ask yourself what the most suitable sizes are. Porcelain stoneware tiles are available from small size and mosaic tiles all the way up to very large formats. While on the one hand small sizes offer many possible compositions and decorative interplays, larger sizes help visually expand the space (particularly smaller rooms). A winning solution in terms of design and balance is to choose coordinated sets for the different surfaces: floors, walls, shower and countertops.
An excellent starting point is the Unique Travertine by Provenza range. It is an ode to the boundless design possibilities of travertine, in perfect balance between aesthetics and performance. The collection starts out from a meticulous analysis of the stone – its vein patterns, sedimentation, surface texture, tactile perceptions – and takes concrete shape in four color choices and four finishes. The authenticity of the vein pattern of Vein Cut, the essential processing of Minimal, the three-dimensional volumes of Ruled, the retro feel of Ancient – perfect for antique-effect tiles for a sophisticated bathroom.

Bathroom floors: functional and on-trend colors

Porcelain stoneware for bathrooms offers interesting starting points for covering all surfaces, from the flooring to the shower walls and pan, in all conceivable color shades.
While up until recently white was the color of choice for an elegant bathroom, current trends identify different color possibilities to give life to a refined, contemporary inspired space. You can never go wrong with a minimalist style on a neutral color palette, but at the same time a more brightly colored element with contrasting furniture and finishes provides a lively touch to a modern, urban environment. Gray is also a color which is coming back to the bathroom, for a minimalist and functional atmosphere – an excellent choice for an easy-to-clean environment.
In general terms, we can say that current interior design trends favor neutral effects, sober and evergreen palettes with creams, dove grays and ice whites, while leaving room for experimentation.
Re-Play Concrete by Provenza falls into this expressive line. The collection explores the infinite creative possibilities of concrete, highlighting its exceptional architectural vocation. Compositional environments in contrasting colors and finishes are the playing field for Re-Play Concrete tiles, available in six colors from the neutral to the depth of Verdigris, and in three different design versions. Cassaforma allows you to experiment with the perspective interplays of a 3D-effect floor – it multiplies the expressive possibilities of concrete by adding three-dimensional designs and interlocking material effects on the surfaces.


Shower tiles: why we love large sizes

Shower tiles are the ideal opportunity to experiment with the appeal of large sizes. This is a space which is perfected when there is continuity with the bathroom tiles, yet still retaining its own specific identity. When choosing shower tiles, porcelain stoneware – as well as its moisture resistance and non-slip properties – offers the advantage of being able to recreate some of the most refined materials in a very faithful manner. Large-size tiles are ideal for this, because they help provide continuity of the surfaces and minimize joints, increasing the realism of the effect. A faithful and authentic realism, able to bring the timeless charm of the king of tile materials – marble – to the shower walls.
Tele di Marmo Onix by Emilceramica is the perfect collection for bringing all the elegance and theatricality of marble to the fore, in large-size tiles for showers (up to 120 x 278 cm). The precious details of onyx – the sumptuous sparkle, the seductiveness of the veining – become artistic elements on marble canvases, a tile which becomes an artwork, in five vibrant and spectacular colors to admire.

Designer bathroom features with the countertop collection

Hygiene, practicality, peerless technical performance in terms of strength, and aesthetic refinement are the key characteristics of porcelain stoneware for the bathroom. Not just for the walls and floors, but also for vanity tops, backsplashes and countertops. Whatever the surface, porcelain stoneware offers a concrete and reliable response in terms of design and performance.
Level is the Emilgroup brand whose extensive catalog is dedicated to refined and functional solutions for countertop coverings ideal for embellishing any design idea. A guarantee of quality in the raw materials and the production, with its solid and unscratchable design, like the largest slab measuring 160 x 320 cm.

Porcelain stoneware for a designer bathroom

Marble, travertine, wood, solid colors. The possibilities offered for bathrooms by porcelain stoneware are many and varied, and allow for composition in design solutions ranging from the minimalist to the eccentric. Stone-effect tiles, for example, are one of the most common choices of the last season, ideal for retaining warmth in the winter and providing a sense of coolness in the summer. A common direction amongst the numerous designs is the idea of minimalism, visual economy made up of a limited number of elements and neutral colors for a modern, relaxing and bright bathroom, a space lived in a knowing, relaxed and harmonious manner. At the same time, lending a different air to a wall or other surface in the bathroom with a solid color – pastel tones are particularly on-trend – expresses personality in a fashionably eccentric manner.

10 July 2022


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