Stone-effect floor tiles and how to use them

When you enter a room with stone effect floor tiles there is a completely unique feeling: the echo of a return to the origins of the material, while remaining within the boundaries of contemporary design. Thanks to the design solutions offered by porcelain stoneware, it is possible to convey all the ancient sensations of stone with modern natural stone-effect tiles: the veining and the physical composition, the stratification of the limestone, the visual and tactile nuances all combine to create a product which is completely faithful in its authenticity. Cutting-edge ceramics technology also allows the creation of stone-effect floor tiles with excellent technical performance: surfaces which are resistant to scratches and wear from the ravages of time and accidental impacts, unaffected by either chemicals or the elements, easily sanitized, while always remaining faithful to the original. 

When talking about stone-effect floor tiles, we should also point out the enormous range of esthetic possibilities. The texture, the installation pattern, the cut, the color, and the subtone. These are the key ingredients available to designers to allow them to choose the perfect stone-effect tiles for any environment.

The most common floors are those in lighter tones, from white and pearl through to lighter grays. It is a versatile choice which lends itself effectively both to rustic environments and to more modern trends, such as shabby chic and Scandi style. Lighter colors are always useful to visually expand surfaces and make the flooring a major element of the environment.

The beige tones typical of travertine are very popular thanks to their classy, natural look which is the ideal match for neutral tones, creating relaxing, harmonious environments; beige stone-effect floor tiles are also the best choice to create an intimate, family dimension thanks to the warm, welcoming temperature of the stone-effect look. Darker stone-effect floor tiles are extremely sophisticated and elegant, creating ultra-modern, striking floors with an audacious, refined design.

Natural stone-effect tiles

Stone-effect tiles convey authenticity, solidity and a connection with nature. These are the sensations which make stone-effect floor tiles a winning choice for styles ranging from the traditional to the rustic, from the Mediterranean to the Scandinavian. A genuine cornerstone on which to build our idea of design.

Stone carries us down a long path, over the centuries, evoking humans’ first living solutions. Think of natural shelter, for example caves, a feeling of protection which is conveyed in contemporary environments thanks to textured stone-effect floor tiles, taking concrete shape in the styles and temperatures best suited to our idea of living spaces (the warmer tones of Mediterranean styles and the cooler temperatures more typical of Scandinavian style). Stone-effect floor tiles express the most authentic perceptions of design and refinement in stone, at any latitude.

On the subject of the geography of stone, Greece is the home of a natural stone which features in the most refined designs. Oros Stone by Ergon is the stone-effect tiles collection entirely inspired by Greek quartzite. It is a stone which is ready to explore all contemporary possibilities, while retaining all the evocative power of the material. The particular feature of Greek quartzite – the founding element of the collection – is light. Oros Stone tiles are embellished with shiny microcrystals which create unexpected interplays of light between the veining and three-dimensional features of the stone. The six color variants (ranging from White to Anthracite) are available in three different finishes: Natural, Tecnica and Splitstone – a special 3D interlocking structure which adds dynamism to the texture of the tile. The collection is also enhanced by the Multi Prestige Brecciato decoration: this module features an original combination of nine cuts with “chipped” edges which recreate the natural hewn nature of the stone – a detail of authenticity which transfers all the evocative power of stone to contemporary, refined spaces.


Stone-effect bathroom tiles

The bathroom is an intimate and personal place where the perceptions of stone take on new nuances. Natural stone-effect tiles create a dialogue with the typical bathroom element, in a textural interplay rich in ancient and natural suggestions. Water and stone meet in an elemental combination evocative of the ideal of the spa, along with authentic, luxurious sensory perceptions – water flowing over rocks. At the same time, stone-effect bathroom tiles lend a modern and original mood to the environment.

It is precisely authenticity which is the fundamental value of Stone Talk by Ergon tiles. This collection explores the fundamental nature of stone’s essential, atavistic, foundational character, offering it in a range of tiles with all the evocative force typical of architectural works. Stone which is the protagonist, yet at the same time is perfectly integrated into any environment thanks to the refined range of possibilities offered by the five colors on offer and the three different finishes: Minimal, Martellata, Rullata. It is a collection which takes an in-depth look at stone, inserting it into minimalistic yet refined design projects.

Stone-effect kitchen floor tiles

If stone and water form a winning combination, stone and fire create a spark which transforms the kitchen into a place of audacious meetings and experiments for any taste. Stone-effect kitchen floor tiles convey personality and authenticity, and lend themselves to unique design combinations. Stone creates dialog with the perceptions of fire, with the idea of heat which warms the entire environment and covers it in elegance and modernity. If you are looking for modern stone-effect tiles for the kitchen, leaf through the Landscape by Emilceramica catalog, which is sure to provide inspiration. This collection is dedicated to limestone, offering it as a bridge between the more solemn perceptions of stone – immortalized in the profiles of Italian hamlets and cathedrals – and more contemporary design trends. The tiles recreate the naturalness of sedimentary stone, bringing out the veining, the nuances of the color palette, the luminosity of the material. It is an exercise in authenticity which lends elegance and sobriety to the room, with technical performance guaranteed by Silktech technology: a perfectly non-slip surface which is at the same time soft and silky to the touch. The Avorio, Sabbia, Cenere and Antracite colors are also available in the Rigata version – a natural extension of the innumerable creative possibilities offered by stone-effect tiles.

10 August 2022


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