Swimming pool tile ideas: try porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware tiles make the difference. If you are looking for ideas for swimming pool tiles, making the right choice is the first step towards providing substance to the desire for a space dedicated to wellbeing and relaxation, a touch of luxury just outside your door. Close your eyes and imagine your ideal pool: let’s try to describe it. The key differentiating factor is the tiles.
Whether it is a private, commercial or wellness environment, porcelain stoneware is the most suitable choice for the coverings, thanks to its unmistakable quality combination: the aesthetic opportunities and the performance of the material. These are two fundamental aspects in creating a space such as a swimming pool, where refined stylistic sensibilities and stringent technical requirements come together. It is a challenging and stimulating environment at the design level, and one which has a great impact on the life of residents, on the way they think about and experience the space. The experience of water in its most embryonic form, the relaxation and fluidity, the possibility to immerse oneself in the substantial element of wellbeing, whenever you desire it.
In order to bring these intentions to life, we will take a look at the most popular porcelain stoneware tiles for swimming pools and the most on-trend solutions for creating an idyllic yet designer space.

Exterior porcelain stoneware tiles suitable for swimming pools

When we think about the floor tiles for the swimming pool and surrounding areas – from the swimming pool border to outdoor paths, taking in a solarium space – we would do well to remember that outdoor porcelain stoneware tiles are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. The most advanced ceramic techniques, combined with the experience and quality, the research and observation into materials which Emilgroup has promoted since its foundation, allow porcelain stoneware tiles for swimming pools to incorporate all the charm and appeal of the most popular materials in the world of design. Concrete, wood, stone – porcelain stoneware surfaces imitate the widest range of finishes with chameleonic precision.
In order to orient yourself in the choice of the most suitable tiles for swimming pools, you should take into consideration the surrounding space. An effective dialog between the tiles and the surrounding environment (or between the inside and the outside) is a highly appealing element, with a high-design value. Think about a swimming pool covered in stone incorporated in a sleek and minimalist design space, or the environmental beauty of a wooden pathway through a flourishing garden. The possibilities offered by porcelain stoneware make the most of any environment and satisfy any design requirement.
If the atmosphere required is industrial, on the other hand, the On Square by Emilceramica range is the ideal inspiration. This collection, featuring solid finishes and dusty colors, treats concrete with a new, urban attitude. The surface shows off signs of manual processing, human workmanship and creativity. The wear and tear of footsteps, traces of sand, salt rising to the surface: dynamic, living concrete, molded in a neutral and contemporary palette (Avorio, Sabbia, Cemento, Lavagna). The On Square range is rounded out with mosaic decorations: precious ingredients for outdoor porcelain stoneware tiles which leave a mark.

Non-slip porcelain stoneware for complete safety

When choosing porcelain stoneware tiles for the swimming pool which best match our design ideas, the technical characteristics play a fundamental role. The swimming pool is an environment which puts tiles not specifically designed for the outdoors to a stern test. In addition to the environmental issues shared with tiles for balconies and terraces, such as thermal shock and the erosive action of the elements, there is also prolonged contact with water and chlorine; for this reason, it is important to choose non-slip porcelain stoneware tiles, which do not absorb water and are easy to clean.
A pool which offers complete safety and relaxation should be a main priority. Here, then, are the specific features which make porcelain stoneware the unrivaled best choice here: it has a very low coefficient of absorption, it is resistant to the elements and to frost, its colors remain unchanged over time, it is easy to clean, and it does not get as hot as other materials even with continuous exposure to the sun (essential to avoid burns when skin comes into contact with the surfaces and surroundings of the swimming pool). The lack of these characteristics, on the other hand, makes some of the best-loved materials – such as wood – unusable. A real walnut covering, for example, would never be able to withstand the environmental stresses and moisture levels without rotting in short order. Fortunately, porcelain stoneware is able to combine the highest levels of technical performance with the widest range of aesthetic opportunities.
If you do not want to give up the idea of a pool warmed by the natural and relaxing atmosphere of wood, Woodtouch by Ergon is a very effective solution. This collection incorporates the most authentic perceptions of oak finishing. The brushed and varnished surfaces retain the features of each knot and vein pattern: the irresistible charm of wood incorporated in genuinely designer spaces. The tiles are designed for different usage environments, including non-slip porcelain stoneware tiles which are ideal for the outdoors. The Cage decoration adds charisma and three-dimensional effects to the collection’s expressive design.

The right color for your pool: light gray porcelain stoneware

The color of the floor covering is a key aspect in fleshing out the design idea of a swimming pool. The reference style, the adjacent surfaces, the external context are just some of the elements to take into consideration.
If we think about the dialog with the water, from the elemental and chromatic perspective, there is one particularly effective color which combines ancient perceptions with contemporary aesthetic sensibilities. Gray porcelain stoneware adapts with versatility and elegance to the most refined styles. For a modern and sophisticated environment, the intense nuances of anthracite are an audacious and characterful choice; in a warm and bright space, with a minimalist, Scandi style, light gray porcelain stoneware tiles, pearl and ivory, are an ideal solution.
The range of possible grays is wide and varied, just like the Oros Stone by Ergon range: the collection which gives new design life to quartzite.
It is a stone free from formalism, ready to explore all contemporary possibilities, while retaining all the evocative power of the material.
Light, the founding element of this collection, is the particular feature of Greek quartzite. Oros Stone tiles are embellished with microcrystals which create unexpected interplays of light between the veining and three-dimensional features of the stone. They are ideal for a dive into an interplay of reflections on the soft surface of the water.

22 July 2022


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