The elegant charm of travertine: interview with the architect

Refined details and skilful use of material are some of the aspects that distinguish this elegant bathroom in Lithuania by the Very Good Architecture Company design firm.
We interviewed Arch. Aya Voišnis to learn more about the process that led to the creation of this wonderful space.

Architect Voišnis, what is your philosophy on interior design projects?

Our team's interests revolve around the details and artistry generated by human craftsmanship. We try to strengthen the connections between inside and outside, as well as always looking for complex solutions of programme, flow and space. Our aim is to achieve a clean design, always trying to emphasise the most important features of a particular space or project by defining a clear initial concept.

What excited you more about this project?

Certainly one of the aspects we most appreciated about this project is the symmetrical composition of this space with a central wall in travertine finish that creates an open and fluid space in the room. Behind the wall is the bathtub, which is enhanced by its positioning on a porcelain stoneware slab and by the fact that it is framed with a stoneware surface recessed from the ceiling. These details create a spa area separate from the elements that make up the rest of the bathroom. There is also an open, freestanding shower that amplifies the feeling of spaciousness.
Some warm materials were then added to the bathroom, such as oak, which beautifully contrasts with travertine and concrete tiles.
The delicate colour palette and precise details in this project provide a timeless design.

What did you most appreciate about Emilgroup?

In this project we chose to use the Unique Travertine collection by Provenza, which proved to be a high quality material that quickly became the main finish throughout the space.

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22 February 2024


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