The not to be missed interior design trends that will dominate 2023

The new year begins with new tastes and designs that will have an influence on the 2023 interior design trends. The desire to open up to nature, by projecting yourself towards the outdoors, is increasingly more significant. From minimalism we move to a more lively embellishment with elegant and glamorous finishes, while neutral shades are proving to be the trending colors, which take into account the change in taste by revolutionizing them. Attention to the environment and sensitivity towards the distribution of space has gained strength, but the word that seems to be driving the choice of interiors this year is: vitality. Let’s look together at the trends and tastes that we will bring inside and outside our homes.

The year of sustainable design and natural elements

Sustainability and the environment will again be central themes this year for the building of spaces that are elegant but, more importantly, respect the planet. Apart from sustainable design which had considerable success last year, now the will to outfit our homes with natural elements rules the bond between ecological will and the desire to express this through visual choices that recall these same influences. Because of this, many collections are choosing to represent the incentives of natural materials that respect the environment and are in harmony with the landscape, for example: Sixty by Emilceramica. Thanks to its technical strength and mindful production, this collection has the ancestral beauty of natural clay and is available in numerous sizes for covering every space. A sophisticated and elegant look - enriched with original material effects - is the foundation of a catalog that shows how porcelain stoneware, with its seven colors and numerous sizes, is the best choice for covering surfaces, rich in expressive possibilities while always respecting the environment. A collection that celebrates Emilgroup’s 60 years in business, confirming its leading role in the research of evocative power and trends.

Back to nature and outdoor spaces

The trend that is pushing more and more people to try to project their dwellings toward outdoor spaces will continue in 2023, by preparing terraces and yards rich in elegant design choices. These places, apart from becoming true architectural elements that embellish the buildings, reflect the owner’s taste by creating a connection with the surrounding environment through a natural design that communicates directly with the surfaces. The coverings thus take on shades that are reminiscent of grass or the countryside - green floor tiles in a wide variety of tones become the starting point for wide open terraces that are full of light. Tiles in nuances such as Sabbia, Salvia or Fango (sand, sage green or mud) from the Sixty by Emilceramica collection are perfect examples of expressive possibilities to open up to the outdoors. Otherwise, to continue the dialog with the outdoors, the natural effect of reclaimed wood from Revival by Provenza can be used: a collection where the recycling of a noble material becomes the protagonist by taking the central role from the green of nature. Balconies and terraces become like windows facing nature, a breath of fresh air that is within reach, even in apartments in the middle of a city. Green coverings or those that evoke the environmental influences of wood are the ideal base for relaxing spots to enjoy the sunlight on a Sunday afternoon or to watch the city lights turn on. If the tiles - like those of Sixty by Emilceramica and Revival by Provenza - have ribs that augment the feel below your feet, then it seems like you have a piece of nature all to yourself.

How to create your own area for relaxing: a space where you can cultivate your passions

One of the bigger home decor trends for 2023 is the desire to build a space inside the home to dedicate to your passions, so that you can relax in a constructive manner or even just enjoy yourself. Whether it’s a reading corner, a home gym or a space for practicing yoga, the desire to discover new ways to experience home life is clear. Small nooks can become the starting point for releasing energy after a day’s work, cultivating talents and hobbies. The slogan remains positivity. This is a way of thinking that lets you free your mind of stress, which can be aided by choosing the perfect colors and your favorite pieces of furniture. In this regard, the important point for designing this space is to follow the need to make yourself feel comfortable, making the home not just the place where you reside but also a place where you can experience life.

Not just Viva Magenta: here are the colors that will tinge 2023

Like every year, Pantone - the famous American company that focuses on graphics and cataloging nuances - has chosen the color that will be the underlying theme in 2023 for different sectors, from fashion to furnishings and decoration. This choice normally reflects Pantone’s expectations, but mainly their plans and often becomes a challenge for those who try to state it in interior design. The color for this year is Viva Magenta, a tint that fearlessly represents liveliness and exuberance, all ideal for being developed over the next few months. The other nuances that are trending in 2023 diverge from the exuberance of Viva Magenta, moving towards neutral colors and tints, that are much easier to use in domestic environments, all of which allow suggestive design choices. Especially Digital Lavender, a nuance reminiscent of Very Peri – Pantone color of the year for 2022 – and emerald green, thanks to its elegant tone, can satisfy the desire to enrich your furnishings. Dove gray is also another protagonist, which is often combined with light blue and gray. Designs from soft colors that create many contrasts, moving from elegance to opulence, and from refinement to embellishment.

Return to the 90’s and the decline of minimalism: here are the possible scenarios

One of the trends that has come to light since the beginning of the year is the decline of the era of minimalism. Thus switching from straight and precise lines to curves and nooks, exaggerated colors and unbowed embellishment. But that’s not all. The 90’s are back with all the exasperation of shapes and eccentricity of taste, reconfirming the more characteristic 90s color palette. The designs scream excess, transforming simple spaces into theater stages, where all your uniqueness and variety are on show. A representative style doesn’t necessarily have to be single elements that are in harmony with each other, but a lack of harmony can also become fundamental in conveying the complexity of our tastes, confirming one’s identity and the desire to express oneself in every detail. An example of this taste is Tele di Marmo Precious by Emilceramica, a collection that highlights the spectacular magnificence of quartz crystals. Quartz, interpreted through the striking effect of agate in three color variants, is proposed in gigantic shapes, forming a unique and magnificent space which meets the desire for excess that will accompany you throughout the year. Thus, not by chance, the 1990’s style will become a trend in the upcoming months. Luminous colors, energy and strength are the guidelines that will characterize our homes and all the 2023 interior design trends.

29 March 2023


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