The TaOsa Residence: Interview with architect Elia Sifodaskalaki

The TaOsa Residence is a private home of 160 m2 at Chania, on the Greek island of Crete. For this home’s renovation, architect Elia Sifodaskalaki of the Interior/Architectural Design Studio of the same name chose the Tele di Marmo Reloaded by Emilceramica and Level Marmi by Level collections to guarantee the right blend of style and innovation without sacrificing quality.
We chatted to architect Sifodaskalaki to learn more.

What is the philosophy of your interior design projects?

Elia Sifodaskalaki Interior/Architectural Design Studio produces fresh, exciting design concepts for the most discerning clients. The firm embraces a vast range of styles and the whole team express their skills through creativity and a passion for details.

Elia Sifodaskalaki Interior/Architectural Design Studio aims to improve interior design through meticulous architectural planning, restyling and smart renovation, generating a harmonious balance between a space, its visual impact and its useful functions. What’s more, our design solutions are also rendered to provide detailed illustrations for review and discussion. The spaces we design and create must be fresh, functional and aesthetically vibrant and are intended to continue to inspire in the years to come.

The overall objective of my 28 years’ experience is to satisfy my clients in a way that surprises and delights.

What excited you most about this project?

The TaOsa Residence is a project with the perfect blend of aesthetics and innovation. High quality materials are a key feature of its design. We chose oak floors, marble-effect tiles, walnut boiseries, hand-made plaster finishes and materials with copper structures, arranged in a variety of forms. Another pioneering characteristic in this category are both the energy systems with functions intended to provide a healthy life and the elaborate way in which these systems are placed, with a result that chimes with the home’s aesthetic. As a consequence, bearing in mind the principles of the combination of elements, the different textures and the clients’ requirements, the end result is a unified whole. My TaOsa project has been awarded by the international BIG SEE organisation, at the BOUSSIAS Interior Awards 2023 with the gold award and has received an HONOURABLE MENTION in the Residential Interior Design Build category at the prestigious IAD Awards 2023.

What impressed you most about Emilgroup’s products and services?

One of Emilgroup’s strong points is its wide range of products for delivery from stock in a rich assortment of sizes and finishes, able to meet all requirements. The reason why I, in particular, choose to work with Emilgroup products is that the final appearance of the surface perfectly re-creates the inspiration natural material, whether it is marble, wood, concrete or stone. Another important factor, crucial in my work, that leads me to choose Emilgroup is my impeccable collaboration with Emilgroup’s representatives on Crete, AKRON SA. With excellent products and an outstanding partnership we can meet the demands of projects of ever-growing complexity.

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25 June 2024


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