The colors of porcelain stoneware tiles that are trending in 2021

Tell me your style and I’ll tell you what tile is for you! The colors of porcelain stoneware can satisfy many needs, from minimalistic to classical and sophisticated, and even the most eclectic styles. 

There are a great deal of porcelain stoneware colors that are trending this year, the beauty of which offer endless joy for the eyes. With natural colors that have the warmth and pleasantness of wood, with its shades and veins, such as the Woodtouch collection in our Ergon brand, which is inspired by natural environments, providing a sense of harmony and peace of mind. The Alter by Provenza collection, where styles and trends mingle and merge to create a contemporary and unusual design, is a bit more incisive. Those who like a more industrial style will love the new Metallica by Viva collection, a bold series that interprets metal to give areas energy and class. For those who love balance and an urban style, the TotaLook collection by Emilceramica is the answer, which explores the world of resins and color combinations.


The shades of gray wood-effect porcelain stoneware

Thanks to its ability to combine and to stand out in all rooms, gray is one of the most stunning colors in our porcelain stoneware collections. For a wood-effect porcelain stoneware floor that is inspired by nature, but can still satisfy modern tastes, we present the Fumo color of the Woodtouch collection, a series that embraces the charm of oak and the elegance of the material, a combination suitable for those who choose a Nordic and contemporary style. 

Those whose first choice is a minimalistic and clean design will love the resin effect in the Grigio and Antracite tones in the TotaLook collection. This series is enriched by the different materials used and offers an endless number of combinations thanks to the three resins, ResinSoft, ResiNatural and ResinTecnica, which have technical characteristics suitable for different space solutions. A versatile collection enriched by a brick available in two finishes - matte and lux - providing amazing light effects and combinations. Gray porcelain stoneware is a stylish choice.


The shades of white wood-effect porcelain stoneware 

A white wood-effect porcelain stoneware floor leaves room for creativity and combinations with light colors for those who choose a Scandinavian minimalistic but luminous style. It’s also ideal for those who prefer a shabby chic style or who love to combine more iridescent colors in their furniture. White wood-effect stoneware is synonymous with light. The Emilgroup brands offer several options, each of which can be adapted to the inspired style. Woodtouch in the W-Cage Sbiancato version of our Ergon brand is a design solution for those who want to create a refined and original room, with its scored lines criss-crossing the surface. Alter by Provenza, on the other hand, has a more rustic and authentic style that celebrates the precious essence of salvaged oak, in a combination that mixes wood with the luminous effect of the resin finishing.

For those who like a metropolitan atmosphere and want to enjoy industrial design, we have to mention Viva and the Metallica collection which can also amaze in the Steel White version, an iridescent, opalescent porcelain stoneware with sophisticated colors. We enter the world of resins with TotaLook, where white is presented in a warmer version, which softens the room.


The shades of dark wood-effect porcelain stoneware

With plenty of charm, elegance and a reference to the past that can also be contemporary, a dark wood-effect porcelain stoneware floor never goes out of style. The solutions of our brands are designed to retain contact with nature and enhance the characteristics of the wood they are inspired by. Whether you choose a more vintage or more modern style, a dark floor is enhanced by pastel or subdued furnishing elements.

One of the collections that indulges color variations is Alter, through the Bruciato and Noce colors which give a sense of the authenticity of nature. For a less daring and more classic wood-effect design, the most obvious choice is the Corda nuance of the Woodtouch collection.


Bring brightness to your room with light-colored floors

We’ve explored the colors of porcelain stoneware and the characteristics of some of our collections in terms of material and design, for floors that become the protagonists of the spaces. Now we want to focus your attention on light-colored floors, going from white to colored tiles. Light-colored floors definitely have a peculiar feature, as they are often chosen for their excellent ability to brighten rooms and make them seem wider, an excellent choice for small spaces, but also a precious element in large spaces. Those who choose this type of flooring are looking for an elegant, modern and minimalist design, but also love the visual effects that it creates. The light shades allow you to indulge and express yourself, like an artist’s blank canvas, even if the porcelain stoneware floor is often what becomes the true work of art. For those who want an eclectic and lively design, the Sabbia nuance in our TotaLook collection can be used to combine geometric and aesthetic effects. What if we told you that even an industrial-style room can be bright? That’s right, Metallica revolutionizes style in its Steel and Steel White versions, a collection inspired by sheet metal, worked to shape the light in an original way. This effect is best expressed next to Bricks in the White and Gray nuances, for an industrial space with the right touch of elegance. For those who love light and warm colors, the Miele color in the Alter collection amazes and fascinates with its reference to fine oak.

12 November 2021


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