Three Small Bathroom Tile Ideas for 2023

Three Small Bathroom Tile Ideas for 2023

If you’re looking for tiles for a small bathroom, you’re in the right place! It is increasingly common, when dividing up modern premises, to have to deal with particularly challenging situations as regards furnishing and finishing bathrooms of modest size. This is a unique design opportunity, which stimulates creativity and suggests new trends and scenarios. Let’s take a look at the most popular trends for 2023 then: from ideas for shower tiles in a small bathroom, to the best solutions for floors, passing through the most sought-after geometric patterns. Offering the perfect balance between enviable technical performance and the most refined aesthetics, porcelain stoneware confirms itself as the material best suited to satisfying contemporary design tastes and requirements.

Bathroom tile ideas for small showers: how to choose them

When looking for new bathroom tile ideas for small showers, there is an enormous range of design possibilities. From solid color tiles to large designs, from large slab formats to geometric patterns, the only limit is the designer’s imagination! The shower walls are the ideal occasion to experiment with styles and colors, audacious contrasts without stylistic dogma. In order to break up the linearity of the environment, the on-trend and sophisticated idea of choosing a contrasting tile for the shower stall is reconfirmed: a continuous, dark, three-dimensional surface in a white bathroom, an intense color in a neutral environment, or gloss majolicaware set against matte field tiles. As a general rule, the most on-trend contrasts involve the finishes and sizes. When it comes to small showers, in particular, choosing large-format tiles is a rewarding solution which has been popular with designers over the last few years. Large slabs offer visual continuity and significantly reduce the grout lines required between one tile and the next. This choice, in combination with a grout of the same color as the tile, contributes to visually enlarging the space, lending an airy feel to the entire room. While it is still a valid tip for making the most of a shower of modest size, an alternative trend with a great aesthetic impact is also making waves: subway tile. A small-format tile adapts better to walls without having to make lots of intricate cuts and scribes, and it is precisely in the repetition of the elements, in its serial nature, that we can obtain the effect of lengthening the surfaces; a shower stall tiled in subway tiles looks spectacular and modern, standing out in the room. To explore this stylistic possibility in keeping with 2023 trends, Abacus by Ergon is the ideal starting point. The evocative power of color in its purest form is woven through a catalog with a great design vocation: a selection of colored ceramic “bricks” or subway tiles which provide a fully fledged stylistic assortment for any project which aims to combine contemporary feel and refinement. The 7.5 x 20 cm format is the stylistic signature of the collection: a modular surface with infinite combinations, the classic subway tile is revisited with input from some of the latest design trends. Amaranto, Lavanda, Petrolio, Senape, Cipria, Calce, Corda, Piombo and Carbone are the dominant colors which lend themselves both to consolidated combinations and to innovative designs. Available alongside the Matt and Lux finishes is Plissé – the three-dimensional decoration which brings the tradition of majolicaware to the cutting edge of aesthetics.

On-Trend Choices for Small Tile Bathroom Floors

When you find yourself designing a small bathroom, a small tile bathroom floor helps visually expand the space. The classic tips for making the room feel larger and more airy still apply for the coming year: choosing a tile which reaches half way up the wall, favoring light colors which do not absorb light but rather reflect it back into the environment, retaining and emphasizing natural and artificial lighting. Choosing light – and preferably warm – tones for the floor is essential in expanding the perimeter of the room. As regards the installation, a staggered running bond layout is useful in expanding the space in the chosen direction. This composition suggests one of the most popular materials, a choice which has conquered living areas, bedrooms and, in 2023, confirms its upwards trend by reaching the bathroom: wood. It is a unique material which provides feelings of warmth and welcome, bearing testament to the connection with nature. In the bathroom, wood sets up a dialogue with another natural element, water, providing sensations of relaxation and calm – well-being which becomes habitual. Alter is the interpretation par excellence of these same intentions. This collection evokes the timeless appeal of oak, inserting it in a modern panorama with great design appeal. The Provenza brand’s research has allowed it to define and reproduce with great authenticity the effect of four different treatments and finishes which make up the catalog’s color coordinates: Sbiancato, Miele, Noce, and Bruciato. The collection’s decor enhances designs which combine tradition and trends, offering wood look tile for a tiny bathroom to suit any stylistic desires.

Geometric Designs: the Best Tiles for a Second Bathroom

If you are looking for small bathroom tiles which are able to make the most of the space and at the same time express refinement and creativity, turning to geometric designs is an excellent choice. In a second bathroom, the keywords guiding the design are functionality, practicality and optimization. It is therefore easy to think about minimalist solutions, sleek and essential in their form, color and composition, however more audacious geometries are starting to gain a footing. So make way for designs and mosaics, inlays and geometric designs, and repeating elements. This is not an exclusively aesthetic orientation, however, but also a functional one: geometric designs are perfect for camouflaging the grout joints and ensuring continuity for the tiled surfaces. This opens up original design options, which allow the most creative spirit to be brought into even the smallest second bathrooms.

Mosaics in the Shower: a Timeless Trend

While on the one hand mosaics bring us back to the most authentic ceramic tradition, the design solutions fully meet contemporary tastes. Mosaics thus once again confirm themselves to be one of the most popular trends with designers. It is a choice rooted in the history of architecture and the artisanal memory of Italy, a precious collective imagination which, thanks to porcelain stoneware, reaches the widest and most diverse range of aesthetic possibilities. From classic majolicaware to concrete effect tiles, from stone to metal, it is possible to tile showers with the best loved finishes. In order to fully appreciate the innovative contribution of porcelain stoneware tiles, Metallica by Viva offers metal effect bathroom tiles. It is an ode to the cutting edge, which combines audacious aesthetics with technical efficiency. The material is emphasized by iridescent colors and vivid reflections – a collection which surprises with a spectacular and honed visual impact, which expresses character and initiative. From black to white, passing through sophisticated greens and blues, the catalog is enhanced with mosaic decorations for an unexpected contrast between composition and texture. Metallica is a source of inspiration for those looking for new ideas for tiles for bathrooms which are small in size, but with extensive creative possibilities!

01 June 2023


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