Interior Design Trends for 2021

School, office, gym, restaurant, cafe, bar – our homes have been all this and more over the last year. The global pandemic has made us experience and relive our domestic environments like never before. Daily life has been transformed, and our habits have had to readapt to a new lifestyle. We have come to understand how much perfecting the environments in which we now spend most of our time can have such a great impact on our mood, feelings and psychophysical wellbeing. This inevitably has an effect on productivity and concentration, above all for those who are working or learning remotely.

Making an environment functional, attractive and welcoming is no longer a secondary concern, but has become a genuine necessity. First and foremost, this involves choosing the materials. When thinking about floors and wall coverings, porcelain stoneware is an excellent solution for those looking for modern looks and design solutions, but who don’t want to make compromises in terms of functionality and technical specifications. Ceramic tiles are undoubtedly a valid alternative, as they combine quality, durability, resistance and looks.

Taking all this into account, what will the house of 2021 look like, then? What interior design trends will guide our upcoming projects? The keywords guiding future design choices are likely to be comfort and personality.

Requirements are likely to center around designing environments which are first and foremost comfortable, attractive to look at and functional to live in, which are able to create tranquil and relaxing atmospheres that still match the taste and personality of their inhabitants. We have selected some of the most important current interior design trends in flooring and wall coverings for you. Let’s take a look at them together!

Colors: grey, but not only

The first of the current interior design trends we want to look at are color trends. The most popular color trends in 2021 will be neutral and natural colors, which can be easily combined with other design and furnishing elements and offer timeless elegance. Of these, the most sophisticated is still undoubtedly grey, particularly taupe tones, this popularity due perhaps to their ability to convey tranquility and safety, things which we want to find in our homes more than ever before. Of the collections most in keeping with this trend is TotaLook by Emilceramica, a versatile and sophisticated series. It is composed of a range of extremely soft and comforting tones, which integrate perfectly into environments with a minimalist and refined style.

Rustic and Modern

Flooring grabs our attention, and achieving a balanced result in a room requires it to be consistent with the furniture choices. Trendy tiles for 2021 are those which convey a rustic, yet at the same time contemporary style. This might sound like a contradiction in terms. However, combining more rustic and traditional materials with extremely up-to-date elements can lead to surprising results. This applies to furnishings as much as to the choice of flooring.

As regards tiles, a perfect example is the brand new Unique Travertine by Provenza series, the perfect combination of a classic material and contemporary design values. The range, wholly inspired by Travertine stone, is composed of four different natural tones, available in four different finishes which pay due homage to the qualities of this material. Its nature and color variations lend it extraordinary versatility, allowing for refined combinations both with more rustic wooden furnishings and equally with contemporary design elements

Light Wood

Light colored wood look tiles are another of the interior trends for 2021. This is down to a return of boho chic and Japandi style, which make use of natural colors and materials in furnishings and interiors.

When we think about wooden flooring, however, the first thing which comes to mind is parquet, known for being almost as delicate as it is beautiful. Porcelain stoneware is an ideal alternative to parquet, since it combines the beauty and warmth typical of the natural material with the surprising practicality and durability of ceramics. In terms of trends, lighter colored wood tones are likely to be the most popular this year, thanks to their ability to combine the warm and welcoming atmosphere provided by a wood look with the sensation of space provided by lighter, brighter tones. A good example is the Woodtouch by Ergon series, which highlights the natural charm of brushed oak. The result is a range of soft, subtle nuances which are nevertheless ideal for a range of uses, both indoors and out. Woodtouch is therefore the perfect solution for a continuous, harmonious and on-trend design that will imbue any environment with the unmistakable charm of wood.

Diamond Motif Floors

The choice for those who want their tiles to be the standout feature in a room: a trendy tiles 2021 list would not be complete without decorative tiles, particularly those with geometric and colorful motifs. They can be used to tile an entire bathroom or even kitchen, or just for the backsplashes. They are capable of immediately lending character and color to a room by adding that certain, unmistakable something.

Of Emilgroup’s series, Be-Square by Emilceramica is undoubtedly one that offers a wide range of decorative tiles with geometric designs and harmonious, well-balanced colors which are able to lend a sense of liveliness and elegance to a room. In particular, the Bedecor and Concrete decors, featuring soft pastel tones, offer infinite combinations and installation patterns to provide an elegant decorative pattern for your interior spaces.


Modern, Sustainable Design

The last, but certainly not least of the current interior design trends can only be the ever-increasing focus on sustainable design choices. In 2021, interior design will certainly require the incorporation of a sustainable vision in the design processes. This does not just involve choosing eco-friendly furnishings. When talking about flooring and wall coverings, sustainability relates particularly to the industrial production methods, as well as the disposal processes. At Emilgroup, the environmental impact of our company’s products and processes is very important to us. That’s why we have chosen to adopt the sustainability principles laid out in the green rating systems for buildings.

Sustainability does not mean giving up on a modern, on-trend and contemporary design. Proof of this is one of the newest products from the brand Viva, the Metallica collection, for contemporary and cutting-edge spaces. This series includes numerous different colors, sizes and finishes, from brick to slabs: drawing inspiration from metallic iridescence, they give a modern impact to walls and floors.


01 February 2021


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