Welcoming and practical spaces for a residential renovation project

An expert restyling project carried out by Emma Louise Home Design gives a new lease of life to an attractive residence in the county of Surrey, England. We asked interior designer Emma Louise to tell us how she managed to create welcoming and perfectly functional spaces.

What is the philosophy behind your interior design projects?

My work is heavily focused on designing family homes that are beautiful but also functional. Choosing the right floor for a project is a key decision because this isn’t an element that the customer plans to change. The parameters that shape these kinds of decisions are aesthetics, practicality and budget. The Chateau ceramic collection by Emilceramica was the perfect solution for all these needs. The product genuinely resembles natural stone but has the advantage of being cheaper and much easier to maintain, particularly in heavily trafficked areas like kitchens and corridors. There is a wide range of tile sizes suitable for different spaces and styles, as well as articles for external use.

What excited you most about this residential project?

The aim of this project was to create a consistent look across the corridor, bathroom and open-plan living area using a traditional tiled floor with a modern twist. What I liked most about this project was the challenge of creating a space that engendered a sense of calm, a family home suitable for everyday life. The natural appearance and texture of the floor tiles contribute to this sensation of wellbeing and balance, creating an association with natural products and colours. This residence has a large open-plan living space in which the floor has an enormous impact on the final feel of the rooms.

What impressed you most about Emilgroup’s products and services?

The wonderful array of colours and finishes. Prompt consultancy, communications and services provided via the supplier. Also the quality of the products.

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25 January 2024


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