Wellness & Design: stoneware solutions for your relaxation space

Spa, Wellness & Design: porcelain stoneware solutions for your relaxation space

A home of beauty is a home where you feel good. Design alone is not enough - except on the covers of glossy magazines - and what really matters is the dialogue between design and wellness.
Our homes are the places where we spend our time and live our daily lives. Personal wellbeing starts from our surroundings. The right covering is not only visually satisfying but also brings benefits for body and mind. We should feel good in our homes, with the kind of wellbeing a spa provides. Inner and sensual peace: relaxation and listening closely to our emotions. We can construct all this inside our homes too, starting with porcelain stoneware tiles. Just think of the floors of wellness areas, the wall covering of a sauna, or the flooring of a spa. To make our homes into our own personal wellness areas, it only takes a few simple steps and the right stoneware tiles.
Bathroom, living-room, bedroom and terrace. In this article we will examine each room and view the best solutions for transforming our home into a real wellness area, starting with the floor coverings. 

A bathroom spa

Taking care of ourselves is a great way of expressing love.

The bathroom is usually the first place that comes to mind if we imagine a wellness area for ourselves. It is the room where we take care of ourselves - a very precious place.

A few interior design tweaks are enough to bring all the wellbeing we associate with a spa into our very own bathroom, and it all starts with the coverings.
The choice of covering is fundamental to transform the floor of a sauna area, a shower cabin or a sunken bathtub, and make it truly special.

We suggest a very classy flooring solution worthy of the most luxurious spas. It is the Tele di Marmo Onyx by Emilceramica collection. A daring, high-quality, sophisticated choice, which transforms the coverings of your wellness zone into ceramic artworks. Inspired by onyx - one of the most exquisite forms of marble - the collection expresses all the aesthetic power of this fine stone. The most aristocratic material in a sumptuous, elegant, visually striking form. Tele di Marmo Onyx by Emilceramica is available in a sophisticated, highly variegated color assortment: Black, Blue, Green, Ivory and Pink. It offers a wealth of colors and sizes (up to the magnificent 120 x 278 cm). A classy embodiment of ceramic art and the expressive power of marble, especially suitable for bathrooms and for spa floor coverings thanks to the SilkTech Technology. This process, developed by the Emilgroup labs, increases stoneware’s coefficient of friction to make it anti-slip, while simultaneously giving the surface a smooth, almost silky softness. Anti-slip properties are fundamental for spa and relaxation area coverings, while this tactile impression is a perfect match for the collection’s elegant, subtle aesthetic. High-performing material, immaculate looks.

 Stoneware and the fireplace: creating a relaxing corner

Now we will move over to the living area. There is nothing better than experiencing this area as our safe space or wellbeing zone. A space always ready to welcome and embrace us.
And a fireplace is ideal for conveying this image. It is a functional and design feature that creates the right mood like no other. An antique yet contemporary feature and with great design potential, with wintery vibes yet perfect for enriching the mood at any time of year. A fireplace gives out not only heat but also a welcoming, homely message and a sense of intimacy and relaxation. 

To surround the hearth itself - whether against a wall or in a striking room-center installation - porcelain stoneware is the ideal solution for covering this genuine wellness area. Apart from the material’s outstanding physical performances - strength, durability, low care needs - stoneware’s aesthetic potentials are able to create interior designs with high visual impact, with surfaces that spread and share the fireplace’s warmth.
Stone-effect tiles are amongst the most popular solutions. In perfect dialogue with the element of fire, they re-create the ancestral intimacy of a hearth. The Cornerstone by Ergon collection is an ideal choice for bringing all the beauty of the world’s stones into our relaxation zone. Sensations of rough, warm, statuary beauty laden with antiquity and geological history, which still fit perfectly into the most contemporary style. The surfaces of this collection’s stoneware tiles were styled by digging deep into the aesthetic of stones gathered from different parts of the world, with a wide array of color shades: black, grey, white and multicolor. An exquisite way of bringing warmth, solidity and elegance to the floor covering of a wellness area. 

Zen bedroom

Our tour of transformation of the surfaces of the home into coverings worthy of a spa continues in the bedroom. This is an intimate, private space, where wellbeing is of particular importance. Our bedroom can become our very own genuine wellness zone starting from the floor tiles – a Zen bedroom.

Taking a Zen approach to our interiors is a very modern trend with roots in antiquity, and reflects a search for harmony between ourselves and space - a need that has never been so fundamental.
The bedroom is the place where this need is felt the most: the place where we seek quiet, relaxation and rest, where we recharge our batteries and prepare for the next day.

If our Zen bedroom is truly to be an excellent wellness space, its surfaces must fulfil specific requirements. First and foremost, visual neatness and balance, which generates mental neatness and wellbeing; simple, aesthetically uncluttered coverings and restful, neutral shades, at the temperature best suited to our personality.
These are all requirements that Landscape by Emilceramica meets. The collection that digs deep into the identify of limestone to reveal its exquisite, contemporary vibes. Simple, understated and able to unite tradition and history with an absolutely modern character. As in other collections, the SilkTech technology increases friction and provides an extremely pleasant, delicate tactile sensation, which contrasts delightfully with the hard appearance of stone. Antracite, Avorio, Cenere and Sabbia are the collection’s four color coordinates, also available in the elegant relief stripe finish and in various sizes and mosaic decors. The ideal covering for a bedroom in perfect Zen style, a sleeping area that becomes a wellness zone.

Yoga on the terrace

Our journey through the rooms of the home for transformation into wellness zones through their coverings ends on the terrace. A space which is a hybrid between indoors and outdoors – a linkage of key importance for wellness. This factor, combined with the light and air it offers, has made the terrace one of the best places for doing yoga without leaving your home.
It is well known that yoga is good for our health. It provides relaxation, energy and balance, benefiting our mind and body. An idea of wellbeing that also embraces the paving of a zone which can become a genuine wellness zone.
To celebrate a perception of wellbeing that brings together indoors and outdoors, the person and the environment, our choice is Cornerstone Alpen by Ergon. The collection contains all the patterns and facets of two of the best-loved stones from the Alps, accurately copied from split rocks in the quarry. Valser conveys the impressions of quartz with subtlety and elegance, while retaining a distinctive personality; Bavaria Stone, with warmer, lighter shades, transports rock into the most modern, light-filled interiors with masterly skill. Both the collection’s stones are perfect for integrating the solidity and charisma of stone within a relaxing location where all the elements are in equilibrium. Especially in the version with tile thickness of 20 mm, Cornerstone Alpen by Ergon is particularly recommended for covering hybrid and outdoor zones and for paving a wellness area, to transform any location into our own personal, precious daily wellbeing zone.

04 January 2022


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