What is the interior design color for 2023?

This year began with new overtures and rediscoveries from the past, but what is the interior design color for 2023? Bright colors - of which Viva Magenta is the ambassador - alongside softer tones, decoration joins the refinement of details and the 1990’s are making a comeback without encroaching upon the centrality of sustainable trends. It is difficult to immediately define how many and what are the house decor trends for 2023, but there is one thing is common: vividness. People are now talking about a more controlled and exuberant eclecticism. After the difficult years of the pandemic, this year opens with an explosion of personality, which is able to get everybody involved! In this context, the subtle shades of white become the perfect base for creating eclectic environments that are full of personality. Now let’s look at how the year will be characterized and learn which tints will color it!

Are white walls in style for 2023?

Between an excess of decoration and an explosion of tastes, 2023 began with one certainty: white. The endless number of possibilities associated with the new trends need a neutral base that can hold all the environments together. In fact, white walls will be in style for 2023, not only for their ability to fill spaces with vividness and light, but also for the possibility of preparing transversal rooms that adapt to any style. This is why compositions will welcome lighter colored tints and a contemporary mood, aspects that are perfectly represented in the Oros Stone collection by Ergon. This collection infuses character and light into any environment, revisiting the classical and timeless beauty of stone in an evocative and sophisticated context. A particularly bright type of quartzite from Greece, available in six colors - White, Sand, Greige, Grey, Sky Blue and Anthracite – enriched with microcrystals that can transfer unpredictable and playful reflections of light onto the surfaces. It’s untrue that white walls are going out of style; they are in fact the base for creating spaces that fit our personalities and fill our days with positivity.

Do white walls help sell a house?

White is a universal color, it satisfies everyone’s taste and lends itself well to an endless number of personalizations. These are just some of the reasons why white walls help sell a house. But white isn’t the only one. In fact, white walls collaborate in the creation of luminous and wide-open environments, transforming a house into a spacious, welcoming place that is full of possibilities. A buyer who is looking for the freedom to personalize the spaces in a house will be more than happy. White accommodates any type of decoration and is the ideal base for painting. The only problem could be how quickly white gets dilapidated over time. The walls may need to be refinished in order to return the color to its original splendor. So if you are asking: should I keep my walls white? then remember that, besides paint, porcelain stoneware tiles in lighter colors are a valid option. In fact, stoneware maintains its brightness and the decorative reception of a clean wall, but it also provides a base that can be washed an endless number of times and is resistant to everything. Basically, an excellent solution for having a bright and welcoming home that will be appreciated by any possible buyer.

What color is replacing gray in 2023?

We often hear that gray is out of style in 2023, but this doesn’t mean that there an no other valid alternatives. This color remains a excellent example of how lighter tints can be combined with darker hues in order to create environments that are never boring. Ideally, gray captures light in a room without taking away the luminosity, relaxing the eyes and broadening the spaces. But by analyzing which is the interior design color for 2023, we realize that other shades have gotten the upper hand, in a rediscovery of vitality and personalization. White in particular has been set as the central color in creating spaces for any dwelling, thanks to the lightness it gives environments and the possibilities it offers them. This however does not eliminate the allure that gray will continue to have and which is the base for very fascinating interiors, such as Sixty by Emilceramica. This collection lets you fully explore the classical and ebbing nuances, as soft tints with the ancestral beauty of clay enhance all spaces in the house. Not just Talco and Sabbia, but also Cielo, Salvia, Fango, Cenere, Antracite and Nero Assoluto: designs that create relaxing surfaces that are cheerful at the same time. What color is replacing gray in 2023? The color assortment of the collection are definitely among them, each inspired by a certain decade, from the 1960’s up to today, for a perfect blend between the past and the present.

Should an entire house be painted with the same color?

Apart from the wide range of colors that can be used to decorate the rooms, the selected nuances are usually the same. An excellent way of renovating a house is to discover new color choices, therefore not just the classical gray or white but an exploration of tastes and influences. To help set up these spaces, it may be helpful to dedicate certain rooms to different trends, without however risking to create a disharmonious effect. In this regard, yes, a house can be entirely painted the same color, but it would be a missed opportunity. A good idea would be to take advantage of the color ranges in the Emilgroup collections. We can get some inspiration by looking through the tiles in the Sixty by Emilceramica or the Oros Stone by Ergon catalogs, combining the available nuances and creating unique environments that can meet every stylistic need, without compromises.

So what is the color trend for 2023?

So far for 2023, there are a variety of color trends being confirmed. On one side we have unrestrained decoration and the nuances that relate to excess, on the other side we have the soft tones and inherent brightness of white. In general the trend will be dictated by eclecticism and vitality. For how difficult it can be to navigate through these highly diverse influences, the best ideas sprout from exactly these kind of infestations. We are talking about Tele di Marmo Onyx by Emilceramica, a collection that transforms ceramic surfaces into genuine artworks. The magnificence of the large size combined with the shade variations and transparent effects that typify onyx allow you to create excessive spaces with more explosive color. Not just elegant walls and unpredictable suggestions, but also floor tiles created using SilkTech Technology, which allows the surfaces to remain soft and silky. These unique performance characteristics also give the tile an anti-slip effect. The slab tiles are available in five suggestive colors – Onyx Black, Onyx Blue, Onyx Green, Onyx Ivory, Onyx Pink – which transform any environment into an explosion of one-of-a-kind colors, perfectly answering the question “what is the color trend for 2023?

What colors are trending in living rooms in 2023?

The suggestions for 2023 are vitality and versatility of the spaces. Therefore the best way to prepare a living room that is in line with current trends but which is also pleasant and cozy is to ask yourself ‘what colors are trending in living rooms in 2023’ but also to understand the nature we want this place to express. If we choose strong and eccentric tints, there is the risk of going too far, but at the same time we cannot obtain the vitality that is so in fashion in 2023 with soft tints. These are balancing acts that are full of possibilities for expressing more personal tastes - in this regard, white is an important ally for transforming any project wish into reality. Briefly put, these are the best answers to the question ‘what is the interior design color for 2023?

03 May 2023


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