What is the most popular tile color of the year?

With the trends of 2022 at hand and an eye on the near future, we ask: what is the most popular tile color? The pleasure of beauty is a continually evolving taste, an aesthetic which follows the pace of change of society and daily life, of our personal way of living and feeling at home.
Interior design trends suggest a renewed combination of aesthetics and practicality, a pairing which follows our idea of living a balance of beauty and functionality. Contemporary sensitivities indicate a widening of private boundaries: from the perimeter of our rooms to far-off horizons – a new way of thinking about space, small areas able to connect to larger matters. Sustainability is one of the key values of contemporary interior design. A focus taking in materials and finishes, furnishing, interior design and lifestyle choices. Thus bloom abundant colors, finishes and pairings reminiscent of nature: the neutral nuances of earthy, wood-effect, and stone-effect materials. Alongside ancient visual perceptions, vibrant colors are leading the way to accentuate individual elements or delimit spaces. Abacus by Ergon is an excellent choice to lend a room an extra dose of character. The entire catalog is an explosion of colors on subway tiles in the original 7.5 x 20 cm format. Nine vibrant shades, a pallet of colored “bricks” or subway tiles with which to create designs ideally suited to any environment and mood – from traditional combinations right through to the most audacious experimentations – with the most on-trend being Senape, Cipria, Petrolio and Amaranto. These new trends provide designers with a colorful range of possibilities in which to recognize the uniqueness of their style.

What kind of tiles are trending in 2022?

To find out what types of tile are currently on-trend, we will take a look at trends in which the rediscovery of natural sensations takes center stage. It is a vocation which is not limited to the choice of tile, but also involves the layout and the choice of format: to make the most of the authentic aesthetic performance faithful to the original material behind the porcelain stoneware, a continuous surface with minimal grout joints is ideal. Large formats should therefore be preferred – tiles able to reach the size of a masterpiece. This is precisely the intention of the Tele di Marmo Onyx by Emilceramica collection.
The most precious marbles reach new heights of contemporary excellence, the seductive veining opening up on the surface like brush strokes on canvas. The catalog offers marble-effect wall tiles in five colors: Ivory, Pink, Green, Blue and Black. The richness of the details, the seductiveness of the vein patterns, the opalescent theatricality. The large format multiplies the timeless charm of the material of choice of sculptors and designers throughout history.

What is the most popular color for bathroom tiles?

If nature and harmony are the guiding values for domestic tiles in 2022, what is the most popular color for bathroom tiles? In this particular part of the home, the taste of contemporary interior design allows for touches of eclecticism with a spectacular impact. It is a unique design space which relates perfectly to natural inspirations: the element of water and the sensation of intimacy and welcoming suggest the idea of a private, quotidian wellness area to help provide balance and relaxation. The reference colors are therefore warm, soft and earthy – beige and cream are extremely on-trend, along with hazel and softer shades of brown.
Tiles and furnishings indulge these same perceptions, in wood-look and stone-effect surfaces, enhanced by bolder elements, including contrasts such as retro motifs and minimal furnishings, modern design and vintage materials, technological elements and artisan pieces.
Another extremely important aspect in bathroom design is light: interplays of reflections and glossy finishes contrasting with more matte elements are very popular, providing a three-dimensional and changing overall effect which is sensitive to the movement of the sun and seasonal equilibria.

Are gray tiles out of style?

It is not the first time that the aesthetic capacities of gray have been questioned. It is a unique color, being sober, elegant, minimal and yet extremely versatile. So, are gray tiles out of style? Actually, in this case too, references to the natural world are clear and increasingly popular. Gray recalls the solidity and rough nature of stone, a sensation of ancient safety which makes our houses a safe place of refuge in an ever-changing world – an anchor, also in design terms. Gray floors, in particular, owe their fortunes to their remarkable adaptability compared to more high-end design styles: from the vintage to the high-tech, from the minimalist to the industrial.
If you consider that shades of gray suggest a retro vision, today the creative possibilities are greater than ever and extremely modern thanks to porcelain stoneware. An incredibly successful combination of performance and aesthetics, suitable for tasteful and contemporary furnishing of any environment. The Medley by Ergon collection is a source of inspiration for contemporary ideas, an innovation which reinterprets the structure of Venetian terrazzo flooring and brings it on-trend thanks to new geometries and interlocking effects. The notes of modernity are organized in a playlist which adapts perfectly to the mood of each project: the three versions, Classic, Rock, and Pop are available in six colors which add more irreverent shades such as green and pink to gray. A continuous evolution, of which gray is the irreplaceable engine.

What color is replacing gray?

While the innumerable nuances of gray continue to enchant designers and design enthusiasts alike, a new player is making waves amongst the on-trend colors. In reality, establishing what color is replacing gray is not so simple. On the one hand, we have the continuous renewal and reinvention of gray itself, and on the other hand the infinite possibilities offered by full colors which are extremely on-trend in 2022, particular in pastel shades. A good summary is “greige”. This “new” color – halfway between gray and beige – is extremely effective in meeting the needs of the most refined interior design which is attentive to new trends. It is a warm, earthy and bright color, which lends space a sleek and elegant appearance, in perfect dialog with contemporary living sensibilities: sustainable, functional, in equilibrium both with our emotions and nature.

02 November 2022


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