What is the standard size for worktops?

Wondering what the ideal worktop size might be is essential in order to understand what needs we want to satisfy in terms of aesthetics but above all in terms of functionality. The kitchen is a sacred place. It represents the hub of conviviality, the space where people come together to share not so much a meal, but a real ritual: that of food and companionship understood in their broadest sense. In the design phase, the creative sphere must intersect with the practical one, focusing on the main purpose of this space: the preparation of dishes and meals. And in this regard, reasoning about the size and features of the worktop, as the core of the kitchen, is vital to best meet our needs. Without neglecting the qualities of strength, hygiene and robustness that a worktop must possess, and which stand out in porcelain stoneware. 

What is the standard size of a slab for worktops?

Ideally, to enjoy a sufficiently large kitchen worktop, so that different activities can be performed without worrying about lack of space, the slab should roughly have a size of 120x240 cm. But as today's trends suggest, the most popular countertop is the large one that dominates the center of the kitchen, large and spacious, which in addition to fulfilling a merely aesthetic purpose, incorporates all kinds of functions, from the cooktop and sink to a surface area large enough to be used as a base for food processing. To this purpose, a collection that enhances the beauty and potential of large slabs is Level Marbles by Level. The 160x320 cm rectified and 162x324 cm unrectified sizes are perfect as worktop coverings that combine the value of refinement with the advantages in terms of strength, hygiene and practicality that only porcelain stoneware can provide. In addition, Level Marmi ensures maximum versatility by offering a wide range to satisfy aesthetic sensibilities and enhance the technical functions of our worktops. A peculiarity that makes the slabs of this collection excellent for worktop cladding is that they can be used in direct contact with food, in full compliance with the stringent NSF-certified (National Sanitation Foundation) hygiene and safety standards.

How thick is the slab for the worktop?

In addition to the 6.5 mm and 12 mm thicknesses of the Level Marmi collection, one more with 20 mm thickness is added from the stone-effect slab collection - with undeniably textural appeal - of Level Stone by Level. A new option to extend the range of design potential for the worktop even further and guarantee high load resistance. Moreover, Level Stone combines full graphic homogeneity between surface and body, and allows the creation of edges and other elements that add scenic and functional complexity to the worktop. The resulting mix of aesthetic and technical qualities achieves its maximum expression in the kitchen.


What is the slab size for the bathroom vanity top?

There is also no golden rule when it comes to the size of bathroom vanity tops. Several factors come into play when evaluating sizes, from aesthetic tastes to purely technical and structural issues. However, as a reminder of the collections we mentioned earlier, the large slabs of Level Marmi and Level Stone show off their full expressive potential as coverings for bathroom vanity tops with large surfaces. The old-fascination charm of marble or the persuasive texturality of stone give it a precious characterization, with sophisticated nuances, weaving the atmosphere of modernity. The possibility of customizing the bathroom vanity top with the wide range of stylistic variants opens the door to a design that meets everyone's taste, and the qualities of resistance, hygiene and practicality mean that porcelain stoneware once again proves to be a material suitable for every type of room, bathroom included. What is more, aesthetically speaking, the succession of large slabs, from the bathroom vanity top to the floors and the walls, creates a sense of visual continuity that enhances the entire environment and projects us into a dimension of great value, where elegance and functionality take center stage.

How deep are bathroom vanity tops?

When it comes to bathroom vanity tops, depth is an important factor to consider. Porcelain stoneware is a viable option not only for its fine aesthetic qualities, but also for its technical and functional characteristics. In fact, this type of material offers exceptional resistance to wear, stains and moisture, making it an excellent choice for a room subject to frequent use. As far as depth is concerned, the standard size for a porcelain stoneware top usually varies between 60 and 65 cm, providing sufficient space for everyday use.

Summing up, porcelain stoneware, besides being a material of high aesthetic value, has excellent technical qualities that make it perfect for an aesthetically advanced top in every respect. 

20 July 2023


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