What makes a luxury home: all about finishes and furnishings

Let's start with a fundamental concept: the furnishings of a luxury home are not at all tied to size or square footage, but rather to the overall atmosphere: the sensibility of each person can transform a dwelling into a sumptuous place, regardless of its size. Even a modest studio apartment can become a haven of beauty and sophistication, where every detail contributes to defining its distinctive character. So, how can I make my house look luxury?  In general, a luxury home is the result of a series of carefully considered choices, where materials and furnishings play a key role. Porcelain stoneware is one of the most common choices for refined home interiors. This material is renowned for its durability, resistance, and versatility. It's available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and textures. It can mimic natural stone, marble, wood, and even metal, adding a sophisticated touch to spaces and adapting to various luxury home décors.

In this article, we'll explore how these crucial aspects come together to create a truly extraordinary and elegant residence.

Everything That Can't Be Missing in a Luxury Home

A luxury home is much more than just a living space; it's a tangible expression of the lifestyle, taste, and individuality of its inhabitant. Captivating spaces, thoughtful design,architectural planning, choice of materials and coverings transform daily life into an extraordinary experience within the confines of home. In practical terms, what makes a home luxurious? Are there common elements that often define a residence as luxurious, creating an atmosphere of comfort and sophistication that set it apart from traditional homes? In general, these homes are often characterized by spacious and bright areas. High ceilings and large windows allow natural light to flow, imparting airiness and brightness to the spaces and conveying a sense of well-being to those who live there.

Finishes and furnishings play a fundamental role in luxurious homes. Porcelain stoneware, with its undeniable technical and aesthetic value, as well as its versatility and adaptability to all styles, is the ideal covering for refined spaces. And when we think of luxury coverings, marble embodies the perfect idea. In this regard, the Tele di Marmo Precious by Emilceramica is the ideal collection for those who want to experiment and be permeated by the splendor of quartz crystals. Here, marble, interpreted in a modern and extremely sophisticated key, takes center stage in the living space thanks to the grandeur of large slabs. The color and structure of the stone's crystalline grid express their full aesthetic potential, imparting an enchanted aura to the space.

Like coverings, furnishings for a luxury home contribute to crystallizing an atmosphere of opulence in the living space. It's not mandatory to opt for expensive furniture. Even objects with simple designs can make a home appear luxurious. The taste and sensibility of each individual play a fundamental role in terms of design. On the technological front, homes of this kind are often equipped with home automation systems that allow intelligent control of lights, temperature, and security. Technological solutions that enhance comfort and contribute to creating a modern and cutting-edge environment.

Floors and coverings in a Luxury Home

As we've already seen, floors are a fundamental element in defining the atmosphere of a luxury home. Not only do they contribute to the overall aesthetics, but they also play a crucial role in durability, comfort, and maintenance of the spaces. Porcelain stoneware becomes an excellent choice, embodying all these characteristics. If you're thinking about how to make an home look luxurious, opting for porcelain stoneware floors ensures a variety of materials, finishes, and colors available to create an atmosphere closest to your taste. Porcelain floors that mimic marble, wood, or other noble surfaces convey elegance and sophistication while retaining important technical characteristics.

In addition to floors, wall coverings are essential in setting the mood of a luxury residence. Porcelain stoneware, thanks to its versatility, can be used for endless design solutions.


How to Furnish a Home Elegantly

But how can I make my small house look luxurious? Furnishing a home elegantly is a process that requires care and attention to detail. Porcelain stoneware is one of the materials that can significantly contribute to creating a refined environment. It can be used creatively to craft unique decorative elements, such as covering a focal point or a distinctive wall that stands out from the rest. Don't forget that porcelain stoneware is available in a wide range of colors and finishes. You can opt for neutral and warm tones for the floors or choose stoneware with textures or veins reminiscent of marble or wood. Speaking of marble, Level Marmi by Level elevates the majesty and expressive potential of marble-effect ceramic slabs in large formats. It ensures the highest degree of design freedom to create creations in line with the desires, sensibility, and taste of each individual.

Shifting the focus to furnishings, an elegant home can also be characterized by a few, high-quality pieces of furniture. Design items like a lounge chair, a vase, or a table immediately transport the guest into a refined environment attentive to details. In a classy residence, textiles are an essential element, including rugs, cushions, and curtains. Not to mention the artistic touch provided by paintings and small sculptures. Finally, a valuable suggestion also applies to outdoor spaces. Whether it's a garden or a terrace, it's essential to keep them impeccably maintained. A clean and well-kept appearance will contribute to ensuring that the view beyond the windows doesn't compromise the elegance of the home.

How to add luxury elements to your living room

An elegant living room is characterized by furniture with clean and simple lines, following a design philosophy that eliminates the superfluous.

According to this philosophy, how can I add luxury to my living room? In this case, only the necessary furniture is used, decorative elements are kept to a minimum, and the design of the furnishings takes center stage. An elegant living room complements a minimalistic style perfectly. But the furnishing project is not limited solely to the selection of furniture; it extends to a series of fundamental elements. It's a complex process that involves choosing the floors, defining the appearance of the walls and lighting.

The selection of floors must be carefully considered to ensure a harmonious synergy with the philosophy underlying the furniture chosen. Porcelain stoneware is a material perfect for every style, offering a wide range of design freedom. Among the elegant finishes for a living room, you can opt for porcelain stoneware with a wood effect, but also marble or natural stone effect. As for lighting, the use of pendant chandeliers, floor lamps, and wall sconces can contribute to emphasizing the lines of the furniture, highlighting strategic points in the room, and creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Well-planned lighting can radically transform the space, creating a unique and sophisticated atmosphere. Finally, to complete the desired effect of elegance, you can focus on details. Elements like decorative mirrors, curtains, vases, and decorations can add a personalized touch to modern living room decor and infuse vibrancy and color to the environment.



30 November 2023


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