Bedroom flooring: how to choose the right one

Bedroom flooring: how to choose the right one for you

The bedroom is probably the most intimate environment in our houses. Our quiet place, where we can recharge our batteries. A room where we can live intimately, where we store our most precious things, and last but not least, relax.
The floor for a bedroom is a key choice in setting the tone for the entire environment. This is a room which guests will not see at first glance, an intimate and private dimension which requires some extra attention when choosing the floor. The color of the bedroom, in particular, is the first thing which establishes the temperature of the space and the style of the furnishings.
In terms of bedroom covering, the range of choices is enormous, and full of creative possibilities. The bedroom of your dreams starts off with the floor.
Here are the most common designs.

Modern bedrooms: how to furnish them

When we talk about bedroom covering, one of the most widely used solutions is to choose a modern style. The walls in a well-designed bedroom are an interplay of influences. Contrast is the watchword. A modern bedroom has no fear of experimentation and mixing, which are essential for a fresh and contemporary look.
The Tr3nd by Ergon collection is a full expression of modern style. A meeting of on-trend styles for bedroom walls: concrete, wood and majolica engage in dialogue to give life to unique environments. Gloss and matte finishes, rough patterns and geometries. The perfect combination for a modern and refined sleeping area. The three tactile finishes are available in eight color tones and numerous sizes and decorations, allowing you to always find the combination best suited to the room. If modernity is an audacious combination of different styles, a perfect modern bedroom can only be created through a meeting of the best-loved, on-trend materials.

Parquet or wood-effect porcelain stoneware?

Another of the most popular solutions for bedroom coverings is undoubtedly wood – a warm, natural material which is ideal to provide the correct visual temperature to the room, whether it is a city apartment or a loft bedroom. This is why, along with its extreme versatility, parquet is one of the most popular choices for bedrooms. While wood is almost always a winning choice in terms of achieving a captivating effect with timeless charm, choosing natural parquet flooring can involve various complications. Wood is, indeed, one of the most porous materials which is susceptible to the ravages of time. It shrinks or expands with changes in humidity, creating gaps or cupping between boards. Even frequent cleaning and washing can ruin the boards and spoil their look.
The most effective solution to allow you to keep the beauty of parquet in your bedrooms without the typical problems associated with wood and without shouldering the expense of maintenance and repairs is undoubtedly porcelain stoneware. It is a tough and impermeable material which is always reliable.

The aesthetic appearance of porcelain stoneware has also reached the highest levels of authenticity and naturalness. A good example is the Alter by Provenza collection. It is a selection of porcelain stoneware tiles which evoke the ancient look of oak and render it contemporary with colored resin inserts. A celebration of ancestral nature, a timeless appeal, perfect for bedroom floors. Available in four colors: Sbiancato, Miele, Noce and Bruciato, the aesthetic possibilities are enhanced with the Incontro 60 x 60 cm decor – a high-impact choice to transfer all the richness of oak to bedroom covering.

 Stone walls

Solid, refined, contemporary. Stone walls in the bedroom are very much an on-trend solution which offers great character. A resolute and timeless elegance, for a room with a relaxing atmosphere of calm and austere tones, which are at the same time of great visual impact when used to cover bedroom walls. The rough and disruptive perceptions of granite and limestone inspire Ego by Provenza. The natural streaks and rough patterns of rock are perfectly represented by the tiles in this unique collection, one of the most popular. Reflections of time and distant variations of shade live again in the color variations Avorio, Sabbia, Grigio and Grigio Scuro. Stone which is made precious with the addition of brass and electric blue decorations and patterns – an expansion of the collection for an offering which brings the most statuary stone closer through more contemporary vibrations. Ego is perfectly attuned to the offerings of Alter, for a mixture of wood and stone designed to satisfy the most refined design requirements in a summary of materials. Stone walls in the bedroom are therefore a stylish, refined and always original design choice.

Colorful bedrooms: choose your style

Color is synonymous with character, even more so in the personal and intimate environment of the bedroom. For this reason, colorful bedrooms are a choice with great personality. From the most explosive tones to more suffused nuances, colors play a leading role in the bedroom, key ingredients for a knowing and refined design choice.
Color in bedroom wall and floor coverings is key in establishing the temperature of the room, its atmosphere and its style.

From industrial-chic to minimalist, passing through the metropolitan. Colored tiles are undoubtedly a landmark in modern style.
We bring the beauty of color into bedrooms thanks to the thousand color facets of the Totalook by Emilceramica collection. It is a masterful combination, balanced between ceramic technique and design excellence. Totalook is an extensive range of resins, with a promise of limitless, always coordinated combinations to meet any design requirement. A wide range of colors – Bianco, Grigio, Sabbia, Antracite and Blu Avio – are enriched with various distinctive decors: Dolcelinea, Incroci, and Majolica in Matt and Lux finishes, Mosaico, and geometric cube patterns. An entire palette of design possibilities to bring all the soul of the colors into the bedroom.

Whatever the style which best adapts to your personality and which you wish to convey, porcelain stoneware tiles are always able to give bedroom walls and floors an unrivalled aesthetic touch, the design dream that all our rooms need.

21 December 2021


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