AFACIAL Skinbar: Tele di Marmo Onyx leads the revolution in beauty care spaces

Carina Haberl Kolozs, Engineering Office

Body care and skincare routines are the focus of great attention these days and the places where these treatments are provided are being revolutionised to underline their importance and highlight their beauty. AFACIAL Skinbar in Vienna is a fine example. AFACIAL Skinbar is not just a beauty salon; it is a real Skinbar, which differs from conventional salons in its innovative approach to treatments.

The experience offered at AFACIAL Skinbar does not stop with the facial beauty care provided; it extends to the whole ambience, including the design of the premises themselves. The entire interior is lit by large windows, the colours are delicate and the spaces are subdivided to ensure clients’ privacy without sacrificing elegance and style.

Discover the collections used

The Tele di Marmo Onyx by Emilceramica collection in Onyx Green and Onyx Pink shades proved perfect for giving the entire space an air of tranquillity and making the whole design an integral part of the Skinbar’s brand identity.

The Tele di Marmo Onyx collection was used in Onyx Green shade to cover the reception counter, the heart of the entire interior, and the seats by the windows. For the furnishings, the architects alternated the Onyx Green and Onyx Pink colours. 

Photographer: Lea Titz