Bathroom in a Private Home

Architects Titi Reijonen and Iida Aalto

The Bathroom in a Private Home project received a well-deserved Honourable Mention at the Emilgroup Project Awards 2023, in recognition of the architects’ impressive skill in raising the status of the bathroom through intelligent use of the Emilgroup collections.

The collection chosen in this context in Finland was the exquisite Unique Travertine by Provenza, with the different finishes highlighted to great effect.

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The Aare Visuals architecture firm led by Titi Reijonen and Iida Aalto conceived an interior where aesthetics and design are attractively combined, and dovetail with the bathroom’s technical demands.
Their skilful architectural design delivers elegance in association with a well calculated functionality, striking a perfect balance between form and function.

The result is a bathroom that goes far beyond its mere practical purpose and becomes an oasis of beauty and well-being.