Délices d’Italie

Renovating an Italian delicatessen in Belgium

Tucked away in the Belgian city of Hamois is a little treasure trove of Italian excellence: the Délices d’Italie delicatessen. The shop recently underwent refurbishment work which projected it into the future while maintaining its strong connection with tradition and artisanship fully intact.

The project was the brainchild of ceramics dealer KRO Carrelage, which personally assisted and guided installers Excellence Carrelage during the work.

Discover the collections used

For the reflooring of the main room the Alter by Provenza collection was chosen in the Noce shade and in the size 20x120 cm. The veins of the wood that penetrate into the resin help to create a welcoming and contemporary environment.

In the bathroom and the transit areas, the warmth of the Alter wood blends perfectly with the textural stone of the Ego by Provenza collection. The Grigio shade in the 60x120 cm size was the ideal choice for creating harmony and continuity between the two collections and in this way giving the rooms lots of personality, charm and dynamism.


Photo Credits: Excellence Carrelage