Looks House of Beauty project

Išmanus Interjeras architectural firm

In Vilnius, Lithuania, the Išmanus Interjeras architecture firm designed the Looks House of Beauty, an exquisite beauty salon styled to convey a mood of tranquillity and serenity.The Unique Marble by Provenza collection, in which the timeless beauty of marble blends attractively with the light contemporary character of resins, played a fundamental role in this location’s luxurious, modern design.

Every detail of the Looks House of Beauty was carefully chosen, from the furnishings to the colours, to create an elegant, welcoming interior. The various areas were also designed to stimulate the senses and offer clients a complete experience.

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This elegant beauty salon evolved from the synergy between the talented architecture firm and the Unique Marble by Provenza collection, which together created a unique, location, winner of the “Inspiration” category at the Emilgroup Project Awards 2023.

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