Moscoso residence

Refurbishment of a house in Spain

The Moscoso project presents the refurbishment of a private home. The Liqe design firm chose to use the Kotto by Emilceramica and Dust by Provenza lines.

Discover the collections used

The dining room and kitchen were covered with 40x80 cm tiles from the Dust Grey by Provenza line: the stone material produces a sensation of visual naturalness, as well as creativity and class. Through the use of this collection, the flooring becomes stable, simple and very artistic. Two different lines were chosen for the three bathrooms: Kotto Cenere, which characterises the flooring of two bathrooms in the house with 60x60 cm tiles and the walls of a third with the same size. The result is an interior with a distinctly New York atmosphere. Kotto Calce Deko Arte covers the walls of one of the bathrooms with 20x20 cm tiles, evoking a feeling of naturalness and elegance thanks to its soft, warm colours.