Restyling of Drassana Medbar El Campello restaurant

TR3ND by Ergon characterizes the new flooring in the restaurant in Seville

The TR3ND by Ergon collection was selected for the restyling project of Drassana Medbar El Campello restaurant by the ESCALAR, LABORATORY OF RADICAL ARCHITECTURES firm, which opted for a collection that encompasses concrete, wood and majolica effects.

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The project involved laying TR3ND tiles across a total area of 257 sq m, 176 sq m in the 120x120 cm size and 81 sq m in the 60x60 cm size. The entire flooring features the collection’s distinctive Ivory colour, accentuating the brightness and elegance of the interior. It therefore accentuates the light effects created by the sun’s rays that filter through the large windows overlooking the sea.