Restyling of Niwa restaurant

A new look for the Japanese restaurant

The Naòs Design firm chose the Karman by Provenza and Be-Square by Emilceramica collections for the interior restyling of Niwa restaurant (Milan).

Discover the collections used

The goal was to interpret and convey characteristic elements of Japanese tradition, highlighting their elegance and radiance. To achieve this, the restaurant floor was covered with Be-Square by Emilceramica tiles in the 120x240 cm size, in its Grey Concrete version, which transformed the flooring into the ideal background to enhance the velvet furnishings and mirrored tables. For the kitchen walls, the Regoli Karman by Provenza tiles, in the 7.5x30 cm size with a “brick” effect, were chosen. The smooth, perfectly Provenza-style Regoli, in the petroleum colour, interpret the birth of the new by drawing from the art of salvaging and lend the Niwa ideal garden continuous green tones. The choice of porcelain stoneware, a sustainable material, has made it possible to combine aesthetics with technical qualities, such as easy cleaning and maintenance.