Restyling of Promens company headquarters

Viva solutions shape a new corporate restyling project with stoneware tiles

NR.21 by Viva tiles were chosen for the new wall coverings of the Promens offices in the Czech Republic. The historic headquarters of one of the world’s leading companies in the production of plastic packaging for the food and pharmaceutical sectors has recently undergone a corporate makeover with porcelain stoneware tiles. A project devoted to contemporary style and visual order, a minimal industrial-inspired aesthetic that characterises the entire NR.21 catalogue. Both the building’s exterior walls and interior reception areas were covered with Viva’s solutions. The collection is ideal both for outdoor surfaces, in keeping with the solidity and evocative power of concrete, and for refined, modern, urban-style indoor spaces.

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Its versatility and strong architectural vocation make N.21 the best solution for company restyling projects with stoneware tiles. Used and loved by internationally renowned European architects, the collection is perfect for bringing the sophistication and taste of contemporary design into post-industrial spaces. Solidity, uniqueness, a contemporary attitude and the ability to anticipate trends are characteristics shared by the most promising corporate visions and Viva’s design range. A perfect combination of creativity and reliability.