Restyling of the Tsing Yi Southwest Leisure Building

The Q-Stone collection combined with the ventilated facade method gives the Tsing Yi offices great style and technical qualities

The restyling of the Tsing Yi Southwest Leisure Building (Hong Kong) was entrusted to the ASD firm, which selected the Q-Stone collection by Provenza.

Discover the collections used

Tiles in the 15x60 cm size from the Q-Stone collection were selected for the exterior of the complex, which is covered with ventilated facades. The same collection is also used for the interior of the offices, giving it a unique, sophisticated design thanks to its striking light effects. The ceramic solution was chosen in the 15x60 cm size in the Grey colour, featuring the typical stone effect, which makes the environment elegant and natural. The ventilated facades guarantee quick assembly and easy replacement of the internal elements of the facades. The system also ensures improved ventilation, thermal and sound insulation, energy efficiency and internal comfort.