Tribes Store: a shop beyond dimensions

The collections of the Tele di Marmo project enhance the spaces of the Tribes Store

Architect Alessandra Notarangelo chose the Tele di Marmo and Tele di Marmo Selection by Emilceramica collections for the Tribes Store in Castellana Grotte (BA). Tribes Store was born from an open-plan store idea that combines the digital world with the textural and physical sphere.
While designing the project, Architect Notarangelo imagined "a display space with a double core: a magic box that, through the combined passage of LED strips on the floor, recessed lights and large chandeliers on the ceiling, would draw a sort of infinity on the floor plan. A showcase all around, a perfect circular movement, unchanging, without beginning or end, without variation, but only a symbol of revolution."

Discover the collections used

For the flooring, the Tele di Marmo collection was chosen in the Calacatta Renoir shade with the Doghe finish, size 60x120 cm. The particularity of Doghe made it possible to achieve a space with a precious and at the same time futuristic effect. For the entrance and the counter desk, the choice fell on mosaics from the Tele di Marmo Selection collection in 3x3 and 5x5 sizes in the shade Nero Marquinia.

Photographs are by Fabio Grande.