Elegance and refinement for a modern beauty salon: Interview with the architect

What are the key elements in creating an elegant and distinctive public space? We asked architect Maryna Karnaukhova to unveil the creative process behind the luxurious beauty salon she curated in Ukraine, and we plunged into her world of creativity and innovation. From the analysis of aesthetic aspects to the ergonomics of the space, the combination of colours and the use of modern materials: every detail has been carefully thought through to ensure comfort for customers and functionality for operators.

What is the philosophy behind your interior design projects?

Interiors for me always mean atmosphere, emotion, comfort, balance of energies.
Interiors are all about happiness: I create spaces where people can be happy.
Interiors are personal, are built on the entire universe of those who will inhabit them. The more we get to know the customer, the more personal the result will be.
Mine is an individual approach to the project, which is built together with the customer, based on their wishes, as well as my experience and imagination. I really enjoy working with colour, light, shape, texture. At the same time, I pay a lot of attention to solution design, ergonomics and comfort. In my projects I combine different styles and strive to ensure that the interiors are timeless.

What excited you about this project?

Realising an interior space for a business is a multi-faceted process in which many nuances are to be taken into account. This beauty salon was created to be elegant, stylish, refined and ergonomic.
I made it with the help of colour, a combination of different textures, prints, materials, different lights, individual pieces of furniture and decoration, technological and engineering solutions.
The entrance area and reception are designed to be spectacular and inviting, the lounge area provides a transition from the outside world and preparation for procedures is gradual; there is an Instagram zone, too, so essential in modern life.
Proceeding through the corridor you reach the spa, massage, cosmetology and laser hair removal areas, and each place is characterised by an atmosphere of relaxation, pleasantness and professionalism.
I organised the space in such a way that the customers could enjoy their stay in the salon and the work process was comfortable for the beauticians. Each square metre of the room serves its own function.

What did you appreciate most about Emilgroup products and services?

Tele di Marmo Onyx in the colours Rosa and Avorio recall the atmosphere of early morning, of dawn, of renewal, of the precious luxury of natural shades. This is the main reason why I chose Emilceramica collection.
In addition, the spectacular Onyx Black from the same collection emphasised the golden hue of the plumbing systems and equipment.
The high quality of the Emilgroup collections, the large sizes, the sophisticated colours and natural textures always catch my attention. The accuracy and timeliness of customer service are further strengths that guarantee a fruitful collaboration.

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04 April 2024


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