Luxury and design: the perfect combination for a prestige hotel - Interview with the architect

A design project that transformed a prestigious hotel in the Netherlands. In this unique setting, luxury and quality combine harmoniously thanks to the excellence of Emilgroup tiles, chosen by designer Bert Bronneberg from Wouters, to create a refined and welcoming venue. We had a chat with Bert Bronneberg to find out more about this project.

What is the philosophy behind your interior design projects?

Customers' wishes are the starting point when choosing a ceramic collection for our projects. We work closely with our customers to establish a basis for aesthetic requirements and design principles, without neglecting the budget. I personally place great value on quality, both in terms of products and manufacturers. After the initial requirements alignment phase, it is our responsibility to come up with a design that meets the needs of the project, stimulates the imagination and is practical for everyday use.

What excited you about this project?

Receiving positive feedback from satisfied customers is always gratifying, as was the case with this project. In 2020, we completed several hotel room renovations for a major hotel chain, replacing the original wall structure material with porcelain stoneware, using the Tr3nd collection by Ergon. For the 2022 renovation project, the customer - part of the same chain - specifically requested the same material we had already used, having appreciated its aesthetics, ease of maintenance and cleanability. This new project also extended to the public premises of the hotel: toilets, restaurants and coffee bars, and allowed us to be more creative and have more freedom in design. We opted for a combination of the Karman collection by Provenza and decorations from the Eureka collection by Provenza, to the great satisfaction of our customer.

What did you appreciate most about Emilgroup products and services?

In the competitive ceramic tile market, the ability to stand out does not only depend on being able to produce good products. For me, the company behind the products and the people behind the company are equally important. Clear communication and good customer service are the basis for creating lasting relationships. And from a personal point of view, I cannot think of a better customer service than that offered by Emilgroup.

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20 May 2024


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