Luxury and design: the perfect combination for a prestige hotel

Arch. Bert Bronneberg - Wouters Bouwmaterialen

Combining design and performance in the world of hospitality is a challenge to which many designers responded by choosing Emilgroup stoneware. Recently, our products featured in an extraordinary project: the restyling of a luxurious business hotel in Holland, thanks to designer Bert Bronneberg from Wouters.

The chain that owns the hotel had already successfully experimented with the use of Ergon's Tr3nd collection in the past and expressly asked the Wouters team for finishes from the same company. For the renovation, therefore, the design team once again turned to Emilgroup. The motivation behind this choice was clear: absolute ease of surface maintenance, excellent design and a very good relationship.

Concrete-effect ceramics from the Tr3nd and Karman collections were used in the 80 rooms and 4 spacious flats. In the restaurant with an open kitchen, the Intarsio decoration from the Eureka collection elegantly featured the living place.  The toilets display a combination of the Losanga and Esagona decorations from the Karman collections.

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The choice of Emilgroup tiles for the over 1000 m² was the key to creating a cohesive and refined design throughout the hotel. The same visual continuity between the chain's first and second hotels created a distinctive and recognisable hospitality experience, helping to consolidate the brand name.

Emilgroup tiles not only met expectations in terms of aesthetics, but also proved to be the ideal choice as for ease of maintenance. The strength and durability of Emilgroup tiles have proven to be a long-term investment, reducing maintenance costs and guaranteeing a flawless appearance in front of guests.

The range of colours and textures allowed the design team to create a refined and cosy atmosphere, reflecting the hotel's vision for a high-end clientèle.

This case history is a tangible example of how a conscious choice in the selection of materials can elevate the aesthetics and functionality of a venue, creating an uncompromisingly luxury environment.

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