Versatility and technical performance of large slabs

Aesthetics and technical performance of large slabs come together in an innovative solution for covering surfaces, both floors and walls. Versatility and sophistication are the key qualities.

This type of tile is characterized by larger dimensions than the standard sizes (60-cm size), making them particularly suitable for tiling large surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Resistant stoneware slabs: why they are perfect any and everywhere

Large stoneware slabs are an intelligent choice when it comes to tiling large surfaces. Their durability, ease of cleaning and wide range of colors and finishes make them suitable for use in a variety of contexts. That is why they are always the perfect solution:

  • Versatility. Stoneware slabs can be used in many different contexts, both indoors and outdoors, thanks to their versatility and aesthetic properties. Thanks to the various thicknesses and generous dimensions, they can be installed on walls, floors, worktops, kitchen countertops, bathrooms and much more. What is more, they are available in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes allowing for unique and customized combinations.
  • Strength and durability. The advanced technologies used in their production and the high quality materials make the stoneware slabs resistant and durable. Due to their resistance to abrasion, wear and stains, they are ideal for high-traffic areas or areas exposed to adverse weather conditions.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. These slabs are easy to clean and maintain. Thanks to their smooth and even (i.e. pore-free) surface, a simple detergent and a damp cloth is all you need to easily remove any stains or dirt.
  • Ease of installation. They are always perfect because they are easy to install, although they do require, like most tiles, care and precision during installation and an imperfection-free substrate, a suitable, high-quality adhesive and the creation of regular perimeter joints and clearances of at least 2 mm.
  • Sustainability. Large stoneware slabs are also an environmentally sustainable option. They are made from natural materials and contain no harmful chemicals, making them safe for health and the environment. In addition, their long life and durability reduce the need for frequent surface replacement, reducing waste.

All the advantages of outdoor stoneware slabs

Porcelain stoneware is a widely used material for outdoor flooring and more generally for making outdoor spaces accessible, thanks to its strength and durability.

Balconies, terraces, gardens and courtyards: the outdoor stoneware slabs blend in with their surroundings and are beautiful to look at, weather-resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

It goes without saying that whether one stoneware slab can be used instead of another depends on the production line, size and thickness.

Frost-resistant stoneware slabs

Frost resistance is one of the properties of these stoneware slabs, that makes them ideal for outdoor environments, especially those that are humid and subject to considerable thermal shocks.

In general, this property is related to the amount of water a material is able to absorb naturally and to its inherent mechanical strength.

Water penetration into the pores of the material and its solidification leads to an increase in volume, which generates mechanical stress and creates cracks and damage to the material.

Stoneware slabs are frost-resistant because they are not adversely affected by water at temperatures below 0°C and therefore prevent damage due to stresses caused by the increase in volume of water through freezing.

From this point of view, the production technique, the absence of pores and the possible application of a glass fiber mat on the raw part of the sheet improve the surface, elasticity and stress-dampening capacity of the material.

Heat-resistant stoneware slabs

Interior design world is exploiting stoneware slabs in ways that were unthinkable until a few years ago. One of these is the realization of the invisible induction cooktop which was adopted not only for its aesthetic value, but also due to the fact that the porcelain slabs are heat-resistant.

This use is possible thanks to the material ability to withstand high temperatures, even up to 1200°C (as well as abrasions and scratches). Level Marmi large ceramic slabs are ideal for countertops and backsplashes of kitchens and bathrooms, as well as seamless floor and wall covering solutions and other outdoor elements.

Water resistance of large stoneware slabs

Finally, porcelain stoneware is an excellent choice for outdoor flooring and tiling of indoor surfaces in contact with water, such as the bathroom and kitchen. The water resistance of large stoneware slabs guarantees its effectiveness in any design environment.

The material ability to resist water, moisture and snow makes large stoneware slabs perfect in all those contexts where standing water and seepage can cause long-term damage and wear problems. Being waterproof stoneware slabs can be used for flooring swimming pools, terraces, balconies, gardens and any other outdoor areas exposed to moisture and weather, and for covering surfaces of damp and poorly ventilated indoor spaces (an excellent example are those from the Level Stone collection).

13 July 2023


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